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Please browse “The Henckel Family Association” website. Leave any comments you might have or ask any questions that we might answer for you about our Association.

Thanks for visiting, we look forward to learning about your side of the family and telling you about ours at our upcoming Reunions!

The 2015 Reunion was just held in the Germany Valley of WVA – June 19-21. We have posted pictures and will post a write up of what we saw and learned about our family during our Reunion soon. We had a record attendance, with many first time attendees, several family’s brought their adult children and some of them brought their grandchildren. It was great meeting cousins and their children that we have not seen for along time or have never met.

The 2016 Reunion will be held in Staunton – Waynesboro, Virginia in June of 2016. Please join our Association and learn about your family’s history and meet many of your close and distant cousins. Staunton is a wonderful old town that has been restored to its 19th century charm. It has plenty of Henckel history, a fantastic Frontier Museum (for young and old), and the Presidential Library and home of Woodrow Wilson! I have never been to a Presidential Library, a first for me and I am sure for many others. We look forward to seeing you in June 2016.

The 2017 Reunion is already in the planning stages, it will be held just outside of Philadelphia, where the Reverend Anthony Jacob Henckel and his family landed and settled after their long voyage from Germany in 1717. The site is where the Seven Branches of the Henckel Family can all come together to share the 300th Anniversary of our Family’s arrival in America. From here many of us migrated across the United States!


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