Generations of Henckels…

The Reverend Anthony Jacob Henckel Family National Association, Inc. is dedicated to the preservation and the education of Henckels (Henkel, Henkle, Hinkle, Hinkel, and other various spellings) family history and genealogy.

The Henckel family is fortunate to have incredible ancestral records dating back to the year 1500 AD in Germany. Many of these records are attributable to their involvement in the Lutheran Religion and in the churches where the Henckels preached and worshiped.

Anthony Jacob Henckel was born in Merenberg, Germany in 1668. He studied at Giessen University in Germany and was ordained into the Lutheran Church on February 28, 1692. The Reverend Henckel came to America with his wife and seven of their children and arrived in Philadelphia in September 1717. He was hired as the Pastor, of  what was known then as the “Swamp Church” prior to leaving Germany, by The Frankfort Land Company. After helping, what is now, New Hanover Lutheran Church build a new church and school, Pastor Henckel helped to form and organized several Lutheran churches in  Pennsylvania including: Christ Lutheran Church in Tulpehocken, Goshenhoppen Lutheran, and St. Augustus Lutheran, then known as the the Trappe Lutheran Church. In 1721.  Reverend Henckel helped to form and established St. Michael’s Lutheran Church in Germantown, Pennsylvania. St. Michael’s Lutheran Cemetery is where Reverend Henckel and his wife, Maria Elizabeth Dentzer Henckel, are buried.

The descendants of Reverend Anthony Jacob Henckel are divided into branches designated for each of his seven adult children who migrated to Pennsylvania in 1717. These descendants who are now scattered across the United States continue to research, celebrate, and share their rich heritage through the work of Reverend Anthony Jacob Henckel Family National Association, Inc.

New Hanover Lutheran Church 

Reverend Anthony Jacobs Henckel’s first church in America – 1717

Anthony Jacob and his family, before leaving Germany for America, were promised by the Frankfort Land Company 500 acres of land in what is today New Hanover, PA. The land in New Hanover was called “The Swamp” by German immigrants who were already living there. We must understand that the German definition of “swamp” is a place with fertile ground that is suitable for farming.  As Anthony and his family discovered upon arrival the land was anything but a “swamp”. It was some of the most fertile farmland that had been discovered in America at that time.

Past history of the area has lead us to believe that the areas first church was started by Daniel Falkner around 1700. Current history, written in a two volume series entitled “Pastors and People” by Dr. Charles H. Glatfelter, the most respected historian of religion in Pennsylvania, corrects this misconceptions.  According to Glatfelter, when the Henckels arrived in September 1717, Anthony Jacob, began to organize the German Lutherans, already in the area, into a congregation. During 1718, 50 acres or land was given to the Lutherans and a new church was built. The log structure took until about 1722 to complete. The new church was known as “The Swamp Lutheran Church”. Anthony Jacob was pastor of the congregation from 1718 until his death in 1728. During his 10 years in America he organized and formed numerous Lutheran congregations throughout the aea.

Towards the end of his life Reverend Henckel was helping to establish St. Michael’s Lutheran Church in Germantown, PA. He would attend meeting and conduct services in Germantown as part of his work. During the 40 mile horseback ride to Germantown, which would take a couple of days, he would stop along the way to minister to other Lutherans. On his last trip, while returning home, his horse threw him.  He died the following day at Herman Grotehausen’s home. Grotehausen was a devout Lutheran who was helping Reverend Henkel to build the new church, which finally was complete in about 1732.  Today the two friends are buried about seven-five feet from each other in the churches cemetery.

St. Michael’s Lutheran Church as it looked in 1865

In studying the history of St. Michael’s Lutheran Church, we recently and ran across a website for The Germantown Historical Society. On the site, we found all kinds of great information on Germantown’s history, fantastic homes that remain from the 17th and 18th Century, and we were able to purchase a picture of the second St. Michael’s Lutheran Church. The first church was completed in about 1732, after Anthony Jacob’s death. The church was enlarged in 1746, and the second church was built in 1816 and demolished in 1865, to make room for the current structure completed in 1896. The picture below is from 1865, right before the second church was demolished. I wonder what they did for a church during those 31 years?



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  1. Rebecca A Meader said:

    I just found out that he is one of my relatives. This is so awesome. I am truly overwhelmed.i found it through ancestry.com. he was related to my mother’s mom. We are from the Plyman, Forinash,Crites, to the Henkles to Teter, Dieter. Dentzer,and wagner. If anyone is familiar with any of these names I would love to share information.

    • Eleanor Ann said:

      IGeorge Geiger Grass. Their son Jacob Grass (1738-1820 died in New Brunswick Canada) & Priscilla Mills(1776-1858 also died in NB canada. Their daugt Elizabeth Grass married Thomas McMinnin 1812 in NB Their son my GrGrandfather Andrew McMinn &Eliza Jane Leitch (grparents). Parker Andrew McMinn &Annie Elizabeth (grParents) parents of my mother Mabel Annie Mcminn(Wilson) 1909-2002. Am I on the right tract with my connection with the Rev A J Henkel. Is there still an Association, if so please give me any info possible. Tks Eleanor

  2. Jonathan Hinkle said:

    Hello. I’m looking to see if I have my family line correct. Anthony to Jacob to Peter to Peter Jr to Wiley to Robert to William W to James C to my grandfather William Sr. If this is correct I would love to get all the information I can about the family. Thank you so very much

    • Tammy Sue Hinkle said:

      Please contact me thinkle90@yahoo.com

    • Hi Jonathan, A new printing of our Hinkle (Henckel; Henkel, etc.) family genealogy book (The Big Red Book) should soon be available with ordering information on our website. It takes some getting used to how to follow your branch (each of the Rev. Anthony Jacob Henckel’s seven children that came with him to PA in 1717) and wish you well in following your line of which could be missing a member along what is documented in it. Blessings, Rev. Gary Boston, VP

  3. Christina Eudy said:

    Hello my name is Christina from NC and I would love what ever information I can get about the Henckels and Dieter/Teters.
    My line goes as follows:

    Me – from NC
    Parents- moved from WV to NC.
    Grandparents from WV

    My great grandmother on my mothers side, was Setta Teter. Her father was Delbert Teter of John Teter and Elizabeth Costillo.
    John’s parents were John Teter and Dorothy Elizabeth Lawson.
    John’s parents were Joesph Teter and Mary Sharp
    Joesph’s parents were Johann George Teter and Ann Margaret Henckel
    George’s parents were Johann Justus Henckel and Maria Magdelana Eschmann

    • Jeanie R Watts said:

      Hi Christina-
      What information are you looking for?
      Your maternal line is correct as you have listed though Johann Justus and his wife were the parents of Anna Margaret Henckel not her husband George Dieter/Teter.
      The Henckel Genealogy lists your line from the Rev. to Johann Justus, Ann Margaret, Joseph and John C Teter, Sr. John and his wife Dorothy “Dolly” Lawson had twelve children but there is no mention or information on them currently in the genealogy. John C appears as #5545 in the book and you are a branch V descendant (so am I).
      I have from John to his son John Cecil/Seymour Teter II and wife Elizabeth Costilow to their son Delbert and wife Minnie Lunsford to their daughter Settie Teter and first husband Earl Wilson whom would be your great grandparents. There were three daughters, one of whom is your maternal grandmother.
      Let me know what information you’re looking for and if I have it I am happy to share!

      • christinaleudy said:

        Yes, my grandmother was Regenia Frances Wilson. I would like to know which books I can locate our history?
        Also, though it may be from the Teter line, I was told as a child that we come from pocahontas tribe. Anyone have any information about that?

      • Jeanie R Watts said:

        The Henckel portion of the family is recorded in the Henckel Genealogy which is available in pdf form online at a few repositories. If you google it you should be able to find one. Actual hard copies of “The Red Book” are only available used through online sellers as of now. I do know there was a huge addition of revisions and corrections sometime after 2014 but have been unable to find a copy. There is also an autobiography of Rev. Paul Henkel which is available here under the pulications tab. As for the Dieter/Teter line I have not personally come across any published genealogies which encompass the entire family as the Henckel book does. I can tell you that the Dieter line (which became Teter later) was NOT part of Pocahontas’ tribe/line.
        Amonute (who became Mataoka and later Pocahontas) died over a hundred years prior to the arrival of the Dieter immigrant ancestor. The only way there would be a connection would be if someone descended from her or her tribe were to have married into the line at some point well after her death and the arrival of the family in this country. I simply don’t have research on that. What I can tell you from my own 15 year search to prove or disprove the same connection in my paternal line to Pocahontas based on “family lore” is that most of those stories are not true. Also-much of the “research” people claim proves their connection to Pocahontas and her tribe is wildly inaccurate but most hold tight to it anyway.

  4. Margaretta Bushnell said:

    I’m descended from Rev. David Melanchthon Henkel. His daughter was my great great grandmother. I’m hoping this is the part of the Henkel family! How do I purchase a book? I’d love to learn more.

    • Click on the tabs on our website to find your information. I am not sure of our current inventory, but certain libraries have it in reference section like Handley Library in Winchester, VA as well as some universities. At this point our 2021 Fathers Day weekend reunion is still on. Again check the newsletter tab for information. Blessings, Rev. Gary Boston, association VP

    • Jeanie R Watts said:

      If I recall…. David is the grandson of Paul Biffle Henkle. So yes, you’re part of our family!!

      • We are out of the Henckel Genealogy (The Big Red Book), but we still have copies of the Paul Henkel book of many of his travels, etc. translated from German into English. There are reference copies in some local libraries like Handley in Winchester, VA as well as some universities. Our 2021 is moved again to 2022 due to Covid Easter blessings, Rev. Gary Boston, VP.
        See the latest newsletter tab on our website.

    • William Gardner said:

      Margaretta, I have images of Rev. David Henkel’s Grave along with his wife Catherine Hoyle and Grandson Phillip (son of Rev Polycarp Cyprian Henkel) I cleaned all of them. They are located at St. Johns Lutheran Church in Conover, NC. I will be more than happy to share them. with you and the https://henckelfamilyassociation.wordpress.com/

  5. Marina Henckel said:

    Hello my name is Marina Henckel I am from Brazil, my grandmother came as a refugee from Germany, we do not have more information about it, but I would like to know more, her name is Hilaria Mon Henckel, married to Frederico Henckel

    • Hi Marina, Our forefather came from Germany in 1717 to pastor the New Hanover Lutheran Church with his wife and 7 living children. The English county clerks have spelled the last name first by dropping the “c” as Henkel, Hinkle, and other spellings. There were relatives that did not come to the English Colonies in America from Germany in that time period, but some may have come much later. Also, the Germany of that time was not unified as it is today, but several regions. Even today, there are still some area of Germany that there are differences in culture as it is in many larger countrie of this world.
      Blessings, Rev. Gary Boston, VP

  6. Marina Henckel said:

    Hello my name is Marina Henckel I am from Brazil, my grandmother came as a refugee from Germany, we do not have more information about it, but I would like to know more, her name is Ilaria Moon Henckel, married to Frederico Henckel

  7. Good Morning,

    My name is Rachel Hinkle, Hinkle is my maiden name. I am an African-American woman and would like information on any Hinkle slave owners as I am in the process of tracing my lineage. My mom, Renee Hinkle was able to get to Frazier Town in KY which was considered a town for ex slaves and there were quite a few Hinkle’s living in there. Iv’e also had connections at Hinkle Farms located in Paris, KY. If anyone has any information that would be great. Thank you

    • Hi Rachel, I am not aware of our line owning slaves, but there were other Henckel/Henkel/Hinkle’s that also came from Germany at different times. However, I believe some of our line that did move to Kentucky, but others in our association may know more about family in that area. Hinkle is on my mom’s side of my family. Henry Boston (dad’s side) born in 1620 (likely England) was in Virginia by 1642 and he was a cooper (built barrels) and had a tobacco plantation where he had a number of indentured servants that worked for about 7 years and then given a payment for them to start out on their own or continue to work as a paid laborer.
      Blessings, Rev. Gary Boston, association VP

    • Lauren Hawkins said:


      I know I read in the Henckel Genealogy book that my line had slaves, but I believe they were I’m NC. I would be glad to take pictures of any pages in the book, but I can’t until tomorrow.

      • Thank you so much! That would be greatly appreciated. It is very hard tracing your history when there is slavery involved.

      • Lauren Hawkins said:

        I bet it is hard! Do you happen to know what “branch” you would be in? I am in branch 6, and when I went to a reunion a few years ago, I was pretty much the only one from my branch there. I know I saw in the book that when the family was in NC, they had some slaves. Where do you live? I am in Virginia Beach, VA. I also discovered a few years ago that Robert “King” Carter, who, at one point was a huge slaveholder, is my I think 10th great grandfather.

      • Bren Murphy said:

        I just want to say that history is just that. I cannot go back in the past and insert my current values or traditions into the traditions of that time period. Nor will people 200 years in the future be able to insert themselves into 2020. What was a custom in the 1600 or 1700 or 1800 or 1900 or 2000s was just that how people lived. I am proud of my family history no matter what happened during their time periods. We live we learn we don’t repeat. I nor nobody can change or erase a part of history. Why do we try to apologize for the past? This is the 400th anniversary of the landing of the Pilgrims. Why is the NYT trying to make that out to be a bad thing? I am a direct descendant from the Fullers in England the celebration was if the greatness her in the USA the other is true. I refuse to apologize for my descendants or their traditions. I can only be responsible for me and what I do. I hope that makes sense as geneaology leads to all the family “secrets” good or bad from our life and time perspective we can only know they did the best they could during the time they lived here. I cannot apologize for what you have done in your life no more than you can apologize for what I’ve done.

      • Hi Bren,
        I can only give you my take on your comment. I am convinced it is part of the Marxist communist plan to destroy the history of the USA and replace it with a made up anti-USA history that has been taught in our public schools for decades. Some of us that have done our own research of the truth will not believe their lies, but they have convinced through brainwashing of our younger population that teaches them to hate our history. We know there are many things in our history that were wrong, but compared to every country under communism there is no comparison. Evil has always been against good since the Garden. Our youth have been taught that everybody has their own truth which leads them to believe there is no real truth. Never the less, Jesus Christ is the real truth and He is Lord of All and still in control no matter those under the control of the Devil scheme up in their evil plans.
        Keep believing the Truth,
        Rev. Gary Boston, association VP

    • Rachel, I don’t know much about Kentucky relatives, but I would be willing to help you further if you have not made any progress. My email is mattmillerdownunder with the @ symbol and gmail.com.

      • Hi Rachael, I believe you inquired the same a year or so ago. We sell our genealogy book and we research areas of known family locations usually near the location of our annual family reunions, but each family does it’s own personal ancestry research. My mother was a Hinkle which I have traced back to 1510 and I have traced my dad’s side back to 1620. I hope you have success in tracing yours to your satisfaction. I believe we all trace back to one or more of Noah’s family and back to Adam and Eve. Blessings, Rev. Gary Boston. association VP.

  8. Hi my 9th grandfather was Rev Anthony Jacob Henckel. I am so happy to connect with this site and people here. I live in England can I become a member please

    • Hi Cheryl, Please check through our various tabs on our website and you should find cost and where to send your membership. We are hoping to have the annual reunion planned for 2020 in West Virginia over Father’s Day weekend in 2021. Blessings, Rev. Gary Boston, association VP

      • Good Morning,

        My name is Rachel Hinkle. I am an African-American woman. Is there any information on any Hinkle slave owners? I found a few but not sure of there is a connection. Hinkle is my maiden name and my mother is Renee Hinkle. We found information regarding Fraizer Town where there were several Hinkle’s living there.

    • Seems some answers are getting mixed up, not sure why. Gary, VP

  9. Michael Hinkle said:

    I’m interested in joining association,are you still active? My line is of Capt. Charles, Mathias Hinkle. I live in Davidson Co NC just a few miles from the original home places. There’s not a lot of us left here in Welcome, NC a place that was called Hinkle town before it was Welcome. Do you know if it’s possible to purchase a copy of the Hinkle book anywhere? Thanks, Mike Hinkle

    • Hi Michael, Go to our website henckelfamilyassociation.com and click on membership and publications tabs. Also the newsletter and other tabs for instructions. Our 2020 reunion was moved to 2021 with the same locations and costs due to Covid-19.
      Blessings, Rev. Gary Boston, VP

    • Hi Michael,
      Click on all the tabs on our website for answers to your questions. I live not too far from Hinkletown, PA, named for our ancestor George Hinkle of Lancaster County, not to be confused with George Henkel of Frederick County, MD.
      Rev. Gary Boston, VP

  10. Sandi Henkle Siler said:

    What are the dates for 2020 Henckel Family Union & where will it be located ?
    Thank you
    Sandi Henkle Siler

  11. Good morning… I hope all is well with y’all.

    While I am not a relative of Rev Henckel, I am related to someone that came to America on the same ship as Rev Henckel in 1717. I am trying to find the ship list for that time which links to my own family tree. My relative was Hans Jacob Eyster (Oyster) b 1665 – d 1745 in the Province of Pennsylvania.

    I am originally from York, Pennsylvania and have hit many brick walls when it comes to the maternal side of my tree. I hope this information can help knock down a few walls.

    Sincerely, Jolyn Rebecca Snider

    • Most German families coming to Pennsylvania, came through Philadelphia and were likely a little while in Germantown to get advise on land opportunities elsewhere. There is a good chance that some of our family communicated with folks on the ship. One of our family members had the Mermaid Inn in Germantown ( now part of Philadelphia). AJH had organized the St. Michael’s German Lutheran Church, but I am not sure they had a meeting structure yet when he fell from his horse in 1728 and died by the next morning in the home of Herman Greathouse which is still being used as a home today. It was for sale in 2017.
      Rev. Gary Boston, president

    • I found a few things but not with the dates you gave. I have a John and his father coming to PA together. They were Palatine immigrants. He was the son of Johan George Eyster
      Who’s 2nd wife was Catharine Arendts
      His spouse is unknown and death date unknown. Birth date is 1736
      In his dads will he is listed as John Eyster he settled in Oley. PA
      If this is your guy he didn’t come in 1717. If you want info Where I found this…there is a bunch more on this site let me know texace1@msn.com

    • Debbie said:

      Hi Jolyn,

      What kind(s) of information are you hoping to find?

      There are a number of references to three ships coming to Philadelphia by Sept 1717, but I’ve not been able to find passenger lists or the names of the ships. The only names that are definitely associated with this group are Anthony Jacob Henckel and son-in-law Valentin Geiger. Other researchers list a number of Mennonite families who came over in 1717 [https://pennblog.typepad.com/lititz_mennonites/1717-migration-1/]. These Mennonite families were said to have arrived 24 Aug 1717 [https://brubakerfamilies.org/vi-departure-for-the-new-world/, bottom of page, and https://brubakerfamilies.org/vii-arrival/%5D.

      The only piece of documentation seems to be that three captains came before the governing Board on 9 Sept 1717 with a list of Germans they had brought from London. Captain Richmond had imported 164 Palatines; Captain Tower, 91; and Captain Eyers, 108. [See, for example, https://archive.org/details/colonialrecordsov3harr/page/28%5D. If the ships’ passengers lists have survived, it looks as though they’ve not been made available.

    • Joanne Y Calvert said:

      Check Palatines to America, Annette Burgert Kunselman’s book, Rupps, (I don’t remember the exact title, 30,000 to America, also http://www.palproject.org

  12. Julie Austin said:

    I am from the hinkle family. My aunt says our grandfather says our ancestors built the church’s. I would love to find out more information or even come visit.

    • Join our association and attend our 2019 reunion in Frederick, MD, over Father’s Day weekend to learn about two of our seven branches of our Henckel, Henkel, Hinkle, etc., family history in churches, medicine, patriotic service, and other things.
      Rev. Gary Boston, association president.

      • Mrs. Dottie K. said:

        Good Day, Rev. Boston:
        Thanks! for the letter. Maybe we can attend. Sincerely, D.K.H. Alt & family
        p.s. I am an associate member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in Frederick MD.

      • We have a planned visit and historical presentation as part of our Saturday events. Hope to see you there.
        Rev. Gary Boston, President

    • Phillip M Schaff said:

      Rev Anthony Jacob henkel is my 9th great grandfather
      Rev paul biffle henkel is my 6th great uncle founded the church in new market va i live 20 mins away from there

  13. Phillip M Schaff said:

    I am a descendant of Rev A.j. henkle is my 9th great grandfather I live right down from the family church that rev Paul henkle my 6th great uncle founded and where the henkel printing press was

    • Phillip M Schaff said:

      Sorry in New market va I live in Woodstock va

      • Woodstock is where my wife passed away on 12/14/2002. As you know, it is not far from New Market, Rev. Gary Boston, association president. my line was Paul’s youngest brother, buried at St. Michael’s church, Bridgewater, VA, where he was founding pastor.

  14. Randy Hinkle said:

    Do you have pictures of the monument you’re speaking of?

  15. Anthony Henckel is my 8th great grandfather and his daughter Johanna married my 7th great grandfather Valentine Geiger, both of them pillars of the community and church. The coolest part is that I work for the Evangelical Lutheran Church in American of which New Hanover Evangelical Lutheran Church is a member congregation!

    • If you are not already a member, join and learn about one of the Geigers going with George R. Henkel to Frederick county, MD German settlement about 1736. Our 2019 reunion (always held over Father’s Day weekend) in Frederick and Frederick County, MD.

    • Hi Nick, Did you attend our 2017, 300th year celebration reunion at New Hanover Lutheran Church? We installed a memorial monument to Rev. A.J. Henckel and family this year (2018) in the cemetery behind the main sanctuary.
      Rev. Gary Boston, association president.

  16. Anthony Henckel is my 8th great grandfather! My family extends from Henckel -> Stoehr (Starr) -> Little -> Barneycastle -> Taylor -> Cornatzer -> Holmes. Funny enough, Anthony Henckel settled near Philadelphia but my family over time extended down to Davie County, NC for a few generations. Then my grandmother married a guy from NJ and my family’s now back in the Philadelphia region after all!

    • Krista, You may have attended our Rev. AJ Henckel 300th year celebration reunion in 2017 at New Hanover Lutheran Church, Gilbertsville, PA. If not already a member, join with our low $25.00 / year membership and come to our 2019 reunion in Frederick, MD over Father’s Day weekend.

  17. My grandparents were Hinkles, Ervin Hinkle Gp 1906-1977

  18. hi I’m new to this site but I would like to know if anyone can give information about the Jenkins family that came to Canada, mostly P.E.I. I was always told that their real name was Henkle and that they were given the surname Jenkins from Wales. I was told they came from Germany

    • Jeanie Watts said:

      Hi Leslie! I just came across this Jenkins family recently and am super intrigued. I’ve started researching trying to find a connection to “our” Henckels. The Jenkins name was indeed Henckel and was changed. I’m not sure why. There is a blog I found with lots of information (it’s a little confusing) . It’s called Doug’s Genealogy and it’s in Blogspot. The family started in Treysa, Germany and ended up in P.E.I. Happy hunting!!

  19. Rick Curry said:

    Rev. Anthony Jacob Henckel is my 8th great grandfather. I am so amazed and blessed to discover more of his life and amazing contribution he made to earliest formations of American religious life. Blessed!

    • Rick, I grew up with and was very close friends with a family of Curry’s in Waynesboro, VA. The family originally was from around Buckhannon, PA.

      I am curious where you live now and what your Henckel connection is. Richard Henkel

    • Holly L Higgs said:

      Rick, I also have discovered upon doing some research into my family’s history that Rev. Anthony is my 8th Great Grandfather. Personally, I am down the lineage of John Justus (7th G. Grandfather), Jacob & Mary (6th G. Grandparents), Paul B. & Elizabeth (5th G. Grandparents), Ambrose (4th G.G.), Paul Philip (3rd G. G.), John Solomon DeWitt (2nd G.G.), which leads me to his daughter Edith Priscilla & Charles Lester Higgs, my Great Grandparents. Amazing how a TON of local history I always knew “of”, having grown up in the Shendandoah Valley and taking day trips across to WV, etc., had such a major impact in my family’s history as well as the area I call home. I am anxious to see what I continue to find as this is obviously just the lineage of but 1 grandmother.
      Holly Higgs
      Rockingham Co., VA

  20. Donna Horak said:

    My 3rd great grandmother was Elizabeth Hinkle born Sept. 15, 1786 in Rowan Co. N.C. died around 1850 in Oak Ridge, Mo. married to Jacob Clodfelter. I am descended from her son, George. I would appreciate it if anyone could tell me who her parents were. Thank you.

    • I just checked the Henckel Genealogy under Branch V (which indicate by Elizabeth birth in Rowan County, NC). I checked Jacob Clodfelter as her husband and George Clodfelter her son. I found neither in the Henckel Genealogy. There were quite a few Elizabeth Hinkle’s in Branch V. I would have to have checked each, which I did not have time to do. Jacob or George and Jacob could have shown up as son and husband under one of them, but would have shown up under them name, too. Hopefully, one of our qualified genealogy experts can help you more than I could.

    • Donna Christine Horak said:

      Thank you for checking. Can’t seem to find this Elizabeth Hinkle on the internet anywhere, except for findagrave, which doesn’t list her parents.

      • Look under John Glatfelter St. b. Aug. 18, 1751 York, York Pennsylvania
        d. April 24, 1826 Davidson county North Carolina
        His wife was Catherine (Sink) Clodfelter b. Feb. 22, 1755 Rowan County North Carolina
        d. August 20, 1829 Lexington, Davidson ,North Carolina . She’s buried at Bethany UCC Cemetery in Davidson NC.
        This line is not difficult to follow. This is not my line but less than 15 minutes and I found a wealth of information. I’m not sure when he changed the spelling of his name however this should get you unstuck. I have no more information because this is not my line.

      • Joni Adams said:

        Try Catherine majerus, John Henry Hinkle. Germany. … And down the rabbit hole it is …

    • ellen La Scola said:

      https://archive.org/details/henkelmemorialhi00henk free download for Hinkle memorial, my mother donated her copy to the LDS library in Salt Lake City-it has detailed information on descendants. Possibly more detail than you want, lol

    • Are you on ancestry.com? There are several sources there-
      A NC marriage record shows Jacob Clodfelter married Elizabeth Hinkle on Sept. 29, 1804. A witness is Peter Hinkle.
      I found in the Family Data Collection of Births in Ancestry.com–>
      Name: Elizabeth Hinkle
      Father: Casper Hinkle
      Mother: Fanny Robertson
      Birth Date: 15 Sep 1786
      State: NC
      I did not verify this info., but it’s a start. Look up Casper Hinkle and see what you find.

  21. I have a family Bible for the William Lawson (9-5-1845 / 10-26-1937) and Thursa M. Bush Henkle family of Washington Court House, Ohio (Henckel branch five). I would like very much to be able to pass the Bible to a more direct family member. William’s parents are Ephraim and Susan Carr Henkle. Some of the children of William and Thursa listed in the Bible are: Miles Nelson, Mary Ellen, Effie Oneta, Will Lesley, Carey Ephraim. Please contact me if you are interested. Ephraim and Susan are my great grandparents thru William’s brother Noan Henkle.

    • Joshua Henkle said:

      How amazing that is. I know this is an old post, but I’m about to get old portraits of Mary Susan Carr and Ephraim Henkle this week from my parents with they inherited from my grandparents a few years ago. If I fit as someone you’re willing to pass the Bible off to, let me know. We love history and genealogy.

    • Jeanie Watts said:

      Hi Connie-
      I somehow missed your post all that time ago. What a treasure! This line is especially meaningful to me. I will try not to be overly confusing but here goes:
      I am a cousin of both Capt. Ephraim Henkle and his wife Mary Susan Carr.
      Capt Ephraim- is a cousin by way of his grandfather Rev. Isaac Henkle who was a brother to my 4x great grandfather Moses Henkle. Mary Susan Carr is my cousin by way of her grandmother Mary Harper who was a sister to my 6x great grandmother Eva Harper. Mary Susan Carr is ALSO a cousin by way of her uncle Solomon Carr. He had a grandson named Abia Carr who married Curlilla Bowers. Curlilla was the daughter of William Bowers and Rebecca Barndt. William’s brother John Wesley Bowers married Rebecca’s sister Lydia Barndt and they were my 3x great grandparents. All of this is on my maternal side.
      On my paternal side I am investigating the possible (and likely) connection between the Harpers above to my paternal 5x great grandfather John Harper, Sr. Also- I have discovered a cousin through DNA testing who is related to me on both my maternal and paternal lines. She is a Barndt by way of her 3x great grandfather who was the brother of my (maternal) 4x great grandfather. On her maternal side she is a Harper and connects to my paternal Harper line. Her grandfather and my grandmother were siblings.
      There are several other connections through the two lines but this is plenty!! LOL. I would love to have the Bible since I am so connected to this family. However-I am fine with Joshua having it as he not only is also connected but he did reply first!!!
      Maybe if Joshua is interested in the Bible I could just have scans of the family information?

      And Joshua- I would LOVE copies of the photos if you wouldn’t mind sharing!!!

  22. Jeanie R Watts said:

    Wow!! So much helpful info here. Thank you Richard for such a treasure!! I am an eight times great granddaughter of Rev. Anthony. My line goes through his son Johann Justus to Jacob to Moses to Rev. Jesse Henkle to his son Rezin Fletcher Henkle and then his daughter Clarissa Corrinne Henkle. Clarissa married Charles Ferdinand Stockler. Their son Frank Stockler married Alzada Everitt (a Mayflower descendant through Edward Doty). Their daughter Margaret Corrinne married Emerson Staup and their daughter (the tenth of their 12 children) is my mother.(My father is a direct descendent of Pocahontas). Rezin’s wife was Emelia Arabella Sampson who was a Mayflower descendant by way of the Standish, Alden, Mullins and Samson passengers. Through that Doty line by way of my great grandma Alzada I found that Mary Doty (4x great grandmother) married Nathan Everitt. Mary’s brother Nathaniel then married Nathan’s sister Abigail. And Mary and Nathan’s daughter Lexcina Everitt married Robert Shurtleff Faunce. Robert’s two times great aunt Sarah Faunce married Edward Doty II providing yet another tie to the Mayflower passengers. (Robert’s three times great grandparents were John Faunce and Patience Morton).
    Recently I have hit a snag and need help if you are able……I came across conflicting info online that shows Simon Dentzer II as the father of Nicholas and Othmar. Nicholas Dentzer’s daughter Maria Dentzer married Anthony Henkle who was the son of Anna Eulalia Dentzer and her husband Herr Georg Henkle. Anna’s father is listed as Othmar Dentzer listed above as Nicholas’ brother. But the dates I have found (and there are several) don’t make that possible. The birth year for Othmar is 40 years before his “brother”. In your extensive Henkle research have you happened to come across any of this?

    • I will send you my information on Dentzer family to your email address. I do not do genealogy work but have book and notes from recent reunion on them.

      You should join our Henckel Family Association, you will meet many of your cousins who know their family trees much better than I do.

      • Spencer Henkle said:

        This site holds more than i’ve find on any ancestory sites.

      • Thanks, we hope it will stimulate more Hinkle, Henkel, Henkle, Henckel to join our “Association”. It is a great place to learn more about your family’s history and meet cousins that you have never met, have not seen for a long time.

      • Greetings all
        I have a picture of Abraham Henckel’s house in Pendelton County West Virginia, by West Virginia historical society. Does anybody need that?

    • I may be too late with this response to Jeanie Watts, but hopefully this will help someone else with the same question.

      “Simon” Dentzer is not the father of Simon and Othmar Dentzer; therefore, any genealogy that makes such a claim is in error.

      http://geb.uni-giessen.de/geb/volltexte/2017/12726/pdf/MOHG_40_1955_S38_51.pdf (pp. 48-49, written in German) gives some brief genealogical information for the Dentzer family. Based on this source, the father of Simon and Othmar (and their siblings, Caspar, Anna, and Conrad) was Heinrich Dentzer.

      Heinrich was Schultheiss (i.e. head of the town/roughly, a mayor) of Steinbach. He was born around 1560 and died before 1620. He married about 1589, but his wife’s name is not given.

      As for Nicholas (son of Simon), he is Othmar’s nephew, not brother.

      Hopefully this helps clarify things.

      • Jeanie Watts said:

        Quite helpful, thank you!
        Did I see somewhere above that you’re a member of the church in Frederick, MD? I live in Frederick!!

        Thank you again!

    • Debbie Fiumara said:

      Hi Jeanie,

      No, I’m Pennsylvania born and bred; therefore, I’m not part of the Frederick, MD, community. But I’m so glad to have helped!


  23. Carol Tingle said:

    I am a descendant of John Justus “Jost” Hinckel (my 6X Great-Grandfather) and Mary Eschmann. Going back to me from there: Abraham Henckle and Mary Catherine Teter, then Samuel Shook and Suzanna Hinkle, then Jonas Shook and Polly Ann Land, then James Grant (an Irish immigrant) and Maria Shook, then Leonard Cutler Doran and Mina Ellen Grant, then Martin Francis Haley and Mary Leota Haley, then my mother Mary Patricia (Haley) Welteroth, then me: Carol (Welteroth) Tingle. Very glad to find this website just by accident!

  24. just in case you havent heard the original website “stmichaelsgermantown.org” is now a Chinese Website! everything is Gone! I can’t even find the History page in the WayBackMachine on archives.org so then I found this… “The closing of St Michael’s Lutheran Church” at http://www.philasun.com/local/closing-st-michaels-lutheran-church/ ;(

  25. Brenda Murphy said:

    Mary, yes there is however I am not sure what it is. MATTHEW is not intended line and I’ve just spent several hours looking for Matthew so, I’ll have to leave that up to you right now. If you can’t find the website let know.

  26. Brenda Murphy said:

    Cemetery for matthew is Mount Greenwood

  27. Mary Trimbur said:

    Is there any information about people who came to the area with Henkel in 1717

    • Mary, there is very little if any in the Henckel Genealogy or in any other sources that I have read. Of course, Valentine Geiger, the husband of Frederica Henckel and their son came with the Henckel family. Hopefully, one of our other member might help you.

      • Brenda Murphy said:

        Re:Matthew Reason/Rezin Henckle….I read a comment that Matthew was not listed as being hit by a train on Wikipedia List of Train Accidents 1900-1929. I believe it would be more than helpful to list where the information listed is obtained.
        I checked find a grave and could not find a Matthew there. The cemetery does list the following Henckles though: Harvey, Emma, Earl, and Sophia. The cemetery phone number is: 513 896-9726. The lady is very nice and will look up info on those Hinkles if needed. That’s all I have so far

  28. Where can I go to see the descendants of this tree?
    My Great Grandfather was Mathew Reason Henkle & he Married Elizabeth Catherine Perry around 1883- I think ??

    • For any additional info for Mathew Reason Henkle (died Chicago, IL 1906-ran over by a train) I am at a standstill for his ancestors-please email if you find anything-He may have been born in Ohio 1847-1865.

      • I just checked The Henckel Genealogy and could not find Mathew Reason Henkle under any of our Branches, then check his wife Elizabeth Catherine Perry, same results.

        Our Henckel Genealogy goes up to the late 1930’s. Give us your Grandfather’s name and birth and death info. Also you dad’s info. Might be able to find your lineage from this additional information. Richard Henkel

    • I can not find Mathew Reason Henkle under any spelling of Henkle, Hinkle, Henkel in our family’s Genealogy book. Sorry.

      • Brenda Murphy said:

        Regarding Matthew Reason/Rezin Henkle
        B. about 1856 Ohio Spouse: Elizabeth Perry B.1866 Chicago, Cook, Illinois, m. 30 Sept.1886 Chicago Illinois….marriage record.
        Matthew Henkle death record… 17 April 1906 cook Illinois address 1983 38th Street Ward 29 age 50 occupation flagman born Ohio buried ohio cemetery Mount Gleenwood. There is more information but I’m not sure if this is who you are researching.ALL HENCKLE/HINKLE etc.all.members should also go to this web site
        I found it by a Google search by typing in geneaology Matthew Reason Henckle and thus link came up. Lots of Hinkle pictures documents and most important documentation. If you need more info on what else is on the site re: Matthew Reason/Rezin Henkle contact me. Hope this helps get you started in the right direction. Bren

      • Jeanie Watts said:

        Hi family-
        Just wanted to post a quick update on Mathew. Sandi and I are DNA matches and spent much time sorting it all out. Through the help of a woman in my hometown in Ohio who works for the Museum and the Historical Society I was able to find Mathew. I have a copy of the information from the family Bible listing his birth. Mathew (we believe) was to be called Jacob but before the birth was recorded they decided on Mathew Robison. His birth and death are recorded along with those of his siblings. Mathew was a son of my 3x great grandparents Rezin Fletcher Henkel and his wife Emily Arabella Sampson. I am happy to share the page with anyone who would like it.
        Sidenote- I haven’t joined yet but plan to in the next month and am SUPER excited about the 2019 reunion because I live in Frederick!!! So attending will be a definite for me!

    • See my comments from earlier today

      • Sandi Henkle Siler said:

        Thank you Brenda for posting the info (sorry, I just NOW saw this question about more info, etc)
        My Great Grandfather was Mathew Reason Henkle; My Grandfather (his youngest child) is Donald Leland Henkle, Sr and My Dad is Donald Leland Henkle, Jr
        I found a newspaper article in one of the Chicago papers on Mathew after one of my relatives mentioned that Mathew was run over by a train. I have some cemetery info (they moved his body after he was buried to another cementary but I am not sure why they had moved him. If anyone finds any info on Mathew R. Henkle my email is loveanurse1n@yahoo.com
        Sandi Henkle Siler GEDNATCH.com # is A676902

      • Sandi Henkle Siler said:

        Correction– GEDMATCH.com (NOT Gednatch.com)

      • Sometimes my fingers are just tired or the phone changes things. Glad you knew exactly what the reference was even though the words were jumbled.
        Thanks for pointing out the error of my ways I will strive to do better

    • Hi Brenda
      Mathew’s death was in one of the newspapers-in Chicago, (where he was killed)
      He died mid April 1906
      (His youngest child, Donald Leland Henkle is my Grandfather) I am not sure that his name at Birth was Hinkle & not Henkle-there was some discussion in the family about that.
      Mathew was born Possibly 1855… or??
      I have DNA matches with Henkle’s but I cannot find where Mathew fits in
      He said on one census that his Dad was born in Penn & his Mom in New York & he in Ohio.

  29. appears that the hackers creek bible site has been removed

  30. Seems from what I have been reading the DAR discounts the Bible with the names of the men that served at Hinkles Fort and states that this is no longer allowed to be used for evidence that John Justus Hinckle was a patriot in the American Revolution. Just sayin.

    • I have heard same from several Association members, they are working with the DAR to get this rectified.

      • Brenda Murphy said:

        I just saw several request and accepted Hinkle/Henckel acceptances on the site I was on if you want the web address I have it.

    • Brenda, would you please provide the web link you referenced regarding acceptance by DAR of John Justus Henckel Sr? Does anyone have more information about the three Revolution battles at Hinkle Fort that historian referenced at previous family reunion? I have searched unsuccessfully. Is anyone still working on reinstatement of Jost Henckel Sr.? It is just a matter of principle.

  31. You can find the bible under the hacker creek site. Just put in Hackers Creek Bible and it will pop up and all you will see the bible. The names are listed. The bible belonged to a Frenchman and the names of the “soldiers” in Hinkles’s battalion are all listed

    • Brenda, Thank you very much. Richard Henkel

      • I have not heard back from person that was researching our connection to Martin Luther after I asked if he would please document his sources. For some reason I could not answer you under your recent request on this question. I would like to his his or your documentation. You could post and ask for critique.

      • To the Martin Luther connection this is the first time I have heard of this connection that’s why I am curious of that connection. I received the message just fine on the Henckle/Hinckle site.

  32. Bren Murphy said:

    The Bible listing all the Patriots that were at Hinkle farm is on line. If you go to that may be you’ll find what you’re looking for as I just took a cursory look at your questions. Yost quartered troops their, allowed them to drill in the empty fields supplied horses and rations to Washington’s troops. Hope that helps. If he was in the troops of Yost Hinkle his name will be in the meticulously handwritten soldiers as part of this frontier fort.

  33. I noticed in a posting above there were doubts about Abraham Hinkle (born 1749 died 1815), son of John Justus Henckle, Sr & Grandson of Anthony Jacob Henckle, and his connection to the Revolutionary War. It was his father John Justus Henckle who built Hinkle’s Fort in Germany Valley, VA along with help from the son Abraham and his brothers. The brothers seem to have a clear way into the DAR, but not Abraham, even though I have read where Abraham is also a “supplier of horses” to the Revolutionary War effort. As a direct decendent of Abraham Hinkle and one who would be interested in the DAR, it would be good to clear up this discrepancy. Thank you for your response.

    • John Justus, Sr. status in the DAR has been pulled. We have people who understand the processes of getting him re-instated working on it. You may have to wait on Abraham, especially since his father is currently no recognized by the DAR. Scroll down a few post and you can read about John Justus, Sr. status.

  34. Patty Derrick said:

    I am so close. HELP if you CAN….
    I have all the official doc’s to place William Hinkle (son) to me and his wife Christiana White Hinkle. I have docs Rev Anthony to my Jacob Hinkle 1732-1789 (FATHER) Jacob of Spread Eagle to William Hinkle 1778-1789 (SON)
    I have so much documented proof of Jacob to father Jacob to Lancaster (Radnor and W. Chester) PA then MD then NC in land ownership.
    I have the document that lets my Jacob be a REV WAR Patriot but just need that Father Son connection (William Jacob)
    I have them on same deeds and both moving from Lancaster area to Lincoln NC but nothing stating father to son relationship.
    I bet their are Hinkel’s out there that are in this direct line and would like to be in the DAR. I can help.

    My line up…
    Christian White Hinkle 1803-1876 (Her Father Hugh White from Fishing Creek SC got me in the DAR)
    William Hinkle 1778-1789 (SON)
    Jacob Hinkle 1732-1789 (FATHER) Jacob of Spread Eagle then moved to NC (Rev Paul’s Cousin states Jacob’s Father is his 1st cousin)
    Johann Gerhardt Anthony Henckel 1698-1736
    Rev Anthony Jacob Henckel 1668-1728

    Do you think at the church in New Hanover will have anything??? Do they have papers

    I have all of Ancestry’s stuff I think almost all already anyway.

    I live in Rehoboth Beach DE Patty

    • There is no Henckel History at the New Hanover Lutheran Church, except they mistakenly call him the first Pastor there he was actually the Second. The church has no journals on their church until 1742, when Muhlenberg became their Pastor. Journals were kept form that time on. Anthony Jacob’s Journal during that time was supposedly kept but no one has seen anything of it for years. The church does not have a copy.

      I just wrote you an email, telling you how to get this information because the lady I told you about and I researched the same missing information in the last few years and finally found the answer. SHE HAS THE DOCUMENTATION YOU ARE lOOKING FOR BECAUSE HER HUSBAND IS FROM THE SAME FAMILY LINE.

      Please do not continue to post the same question over and over again, it take up space which I have to pay for.

  35. Brenda Murphy said:


  36. HENCKEL, HENKEL, HINKLE Patriots in the DAR.
    I have updated the HINKLE Patriots info. that is listed on the DAR (Daughters of the American Revolution) web site, on my blog as of 2/28/2017.
    The DAR uses the HINKLE surname spelling only. More info. is given about the “Spelling of Surnames” also on the blog.
    Check to see if your HINKLE is a Patriot recognized by the DAR!!
    Several Hinkles have been tagged in red for:
    “Problems have been discovered with at least one previously verified paper – see ancestor’s full record.”
    I have also included the DAR notes as to why the Patriot has been coded red.
    My Blog is – GONE, But Not Forgotten

    Hope to see you at the Reunion in June!!!

    • Suzan, thanks for posting all the information on the Hinkle’s that are currently recognized by the DAR. I can not believe John Justus has been disqualified. Please see Greg Adamson and myself at the Reunion in June and we will figure out how tho get my 6th Great Grandfather back in good graces with the DAR.

      Thanks again for your post,

      Richard Henkel

  37. Carolyn Hinkle Parks said:

    My name is Carolyn Hinkle Parks and I am trying to find my link to Anthony Jacob Henckel. My father is Lincoln Hinkle born 11/28/1923, his father was Simon P. Hinkle born 04/29/1887, his father was Rev. Lewis Hinkle born 02/24/1860, his father was James Madison Hinkle born 01/04/1831, his father was William Hinkle born in Rowan Co.,NC in 1803, his father was Michael Hinkle born in Rowan Co., NC on 02/08/1780, and his father was Micah (Michael) Hinkle was born 09/01/1749. That’s as far as the records in our family bible goes. I hope you can help me figure out if we are descents of Anthony Jacob Henckel or direct me how to find out. Thanks you very much! Carolyn Hinkle Parks

    • Carolyn, no doubt you are kin to our Henckel with your Rowan County Connection in the mid 1700’s forward. I would suggest that you go to our Publications TAB and purchase a The Henckel Genealogy. With all the information you have you will be able to trace your families history back to the Rev. Anthony Jacob Henckel(1668 – 1728) who brought his family to America in 1717. We have an annual Henckel Family Association Reunion and this year we are celebrating our families 300th Year in America in New Hanover, PA. Please join our family Association and you wll receive information on our Reunions. Under Membership Tab.

      Thanks for your e-mail, it is alwas great hearing from a close cousin, my Henckel family also came through Rowan County, my 4th Great Grandfather the Rev. Paul Henkel was born there in 1754. Our family first settled there in 1750, some left around 1760 for West VA at that time, Virginia, NC; others stay in NC.

      Richard Henkel

  38. Lonnie R. Totten said:

    Hello, I am related from A.J. through son Georg Rudolphus, John Balthasar, Anna Margreth (Hinkle) Rine, William Rine, Rudolph Rine, Isabell (Rine) Totten, Clay Totten, Harold Totten, and myself, Lonnie Totten. Saw some references that say one of our ancestors, Louisa (Wagner) Dentzer ca,1610-1676 was gggdaughter of Martin Luther the Reformer. Anyone confirm that? Different sites say different things. Our branch came to Ohio about 1815. “Hinkle” was used as first name for a couple more generations. Thanks for any help.
    Lonnie R. Totten

    • I have read the same thing recently, but have not tried to figure out if it is true or not. Maybe one of our readers has done some research.

      Richard Henkel

    • Dear folks. My sister just sent me the family tree that leads from Martin Luther to her husband. So it is true that you Heckels are descended from Martin Luther. The Luther lineage passes through Louisa (Wagner) Dentzer, who would have been the grandmother of Anthony Henckel, if my information is correct. May I add these words from the “Christian Cyclopedia?” “This family, which gave a large number of pastors and educators to Am. Lutheranism, descended from Anthony Jacob Henkel (Henckel; formerly known as Gerhard, Gerhardt, or Gerhart), perhaps a descendant of the Henckel von Donnersmarck family. A Johann Henkel was chaplain to Mary* of Hung., who selected him on recommendation of M. Luther* ca. 1526; he was present with Mary at the Diet of Augsburg 1530 (see Lutheran Confessions, A). Count Erdman Henkel, a pious Luth., was a benefactor of the Halle institution of A. H. Francke*; helped H. M. Mühlenberg,* who is said to have been a blood relative of the Henkels.”

      • I would like to see all references to your sister’s research on our family being a descendant of Martin Luther. She should include, reference book(s), author(s) and page #(s), where
        this information came from. Same on Johann Henckel, who I have done extensive research on, but have never found a direct tie to our Heckel line.

        I truly hope that she can provide both, so that we can document it for future generations of our family. My email address is under the TAB contacts.

        Richard Henkel, President, “The Henckel Family Association”

      • I am wondering if the individual who provided more info re connection to MARTIN LUTHER Dentzer could provide a website or where or what country this information was obtained from and who physically went there and obtained? I still don’t have all the documentation. THANKS😀

      • I have no had a response from the person who is looking for information on our family’s connection to Martin Luther. We know that Maria Elizabeth Dentzer mother was a Wagner and that is about it so far that is documented. Please keep up the research and keep us posted on any documentable tie you find back to Martin Luther.

      • I think I responded to this already

    • Debbie Fiumara said:

      Hello, I’m descended from Anthony Jacob Henckel through his son, Gerhard Anthony Henckel, Maria Margaretha (Henckel) Yundt, Nicholas Yundt, Frederick Yount, Henry Yount, Polly Kathryn (Yount) Booser, Curtis M. Booser, Clifton H. Boozer, then my dad, then me. I have done some research on the link between Louisa Wagner Dentzer and (her alleged g-g-grandfather) Martin Luther, and am convinced that no such link exists. For some of my reasoning, please see my lengthy post dated 1 Nov 2017 at Re: That Martin Luther from the 1500’s –

      Thus, the known Wagner-to-Henckel line runs as follows: Emmerich Wagner (a butcher, born around 1550 – died 1635), Ludwig Wagner (Lutheran pastor, b. around 1572 – d. around 1633), Elisabetha Louisa Wagner Dentzer ( 2 Feb 1610 – 24 Oct 1676), Anna Eulalia Dentzer Henckel (Apr 1630 – 11 Mar 1700), Anthony Jacob Henckel (27 Oct 1668 – 12 Aug 1728).

      Also, with all respect to Rev. John Fiene, I sincerely doubt that there is a link between the Henckel von Donnersmarck family and our Henckel line. There is an extensive family tree for the Donnersmarck line at http://www.genealogy.euweb.cz/austria/henckel1.html. From the late 1300’s to the mid 1600’s, that family was concentrated in Hungary, Austria, and Czechoslovakia–hundreds of miles from Hesse, Germany. One of their descendants did go to Frankfurt am Oder and was married there in 1597, but that town is located on the border between (East) Germany and Poland–again, hundreds of miles from Hesse.

      The Johannes Henckel who was chaplain/confessor for Queen Maria Habsburg of Hungary, corresponded with Erasmus of Rotterdam, and possibly with Martin Luther and Philipp Melancthon, but there is little evidence that Johannes turned away from the Catholic faith. It seems that he may have been sympathetic towards Luther and his followers, but we can’t assume more than that. Assuming that he remained a Catholic priest until his death in 1539, he would not have married, let alone had children.

      I hope the information helps, and would welcome any feedback.

      • I agree with you on Martin Luther, I have been on several “wild goose chases”, most recently with the Lutheriden Society in Germany. I wasted a lot of time working on their theory, but when I asked them for Emmerich’s birth certificates and or christening documents they had nothing. Supposedly, Anna Margaret a Luther (1534-1570) was Emmerich Wagner’s (1550 – 1601) mother and Claes Wagner (1520 – 1555) was his father.

        I also have been the Johannes Henckel trail to the Vonn Donnersmarck’s, too. I also agree with your conclusions here, too.

        Thank you for this information,

        Richard Henkel

      • Lonnie R Totten said:

        Thank you so much for the answer. That settles it for me too. So much for my “famous” relative. But I guess they are all famous to us anyway. Thanks again. Mr. Lonnie Totten from Ohio.

  39. Patty Derrick said:

    I m new to finding my Henckel’s in my lineage YEA I found you….

    Patty Derrick

    I really need HELP below
    Who has these sources as Documents on paper not just a reference… I believe this came from the bulletins.

    1. Rev. Paul Henkel in 1785 received a letter from Jacob Hinkle of North Carolina: “He was my father’s first cousin and already an old man.” Rev. Paul Henkel says Rowan County, but in 1785 Lincoln joined Rowan, and this is the only Jacob Hinkle in North Carolina to fit the description.
    2. Joseph, son of Jacob, in a letter to [HG#527] Rev. David Henkel [son of Rev. Paul] calls him cousin.[21]

    States referenced as
    21. Melvin L. Miller, edit., “The Autobiography and Chronological Life of Reverend Paul Henkel” (Reverend Anthony Jacob Henckel Family National Association, 2002), Inc., 29.

  40. Caroline ennis said:

    I am researching my 2nd great grandmother, Elmira (Ella/Ellie) Hinkle. She was born in 1843 in Philadelphia. She died in 1896 in philly. She married Jacob summer (1831-1916). They are the parents of my great grandmother, Sarah sommer who married Constantine McLaughlin all in philly.

    Elmira was the daughter of George w. Hinkle. She possibly had 2 brothers, Charles and George jr. (1860 census). No mother in this census, George sr was an innkeeper, probably widowed.

    I found George w. In Atlantic city in 1880 census with a very young wife and more children. Perhaps a second family. Cameron and Addie were the kids. But I can’t be sure it is the same George (same approx birth year 1812 and birthplace (PA)and occupation though).

    Can anyone help?
    My father’s mDna is j1c7a if that helps (Elmira Hinkle is his great grandmother), if that helps!

    Thanks so much!
    Caroline Ennis

    • Nancy Hart Battaglia said:

      My great, great grandmother was Elizabeth Hinkle of Hanover, PA, and her mother was Elizabeth Levering from the Philadelphia area who married Anton Jacob Hinkle of Philadelphia. I heard there are Hinkle reunions. Does anyone know about that? Elizabeth Hinkle married my great, great grandfather William Hart in Augusta County, VA, then moved to the Louisville, KY, area
      in the 1790’s. In doing research I found that sometimes the name is spelled Henkel or other variations. So you have to look at possible alternate spellings when doing research. For instance, my great grandfather is listed as Kelleher, Keleher and Kalaher
      but all the other information such as first and middle names and birthdate and place are the same.

      • Go to the Membership Tab and learn how to become a member. Our next Reunion will be held in Staunton, VA as you can also read about on our website. I just sent you a March Newsletter and Reunion sign up sheet for the Staunton Reunion in case you would like to attend.

        Richard Henkel

      • Sandra Hinkle-Clark said:

        My maiden name is Hinkle. My father’s.name was William Boston Hinkle.(RIP). My Mother’s maiden name was Edith Evelyn Collins everyone called her “Betty”. I have an older brother named Jerry Dean Hinkle: My current name is Sandra Kay Cargle .My father had given me paperwork about his ancestors, but got washed into the Lake during a horrible storm in 1996. I do remember the outline and some of the stories about the Henckel family. We are all in a scroll from Arkansas. I remember that a Rebecca Hinckel married a man named Daniel Boone. My father’s Mother’s maidenname name was Malynda Robertson and his father’name was C. Hinkle. I remember in said paperwork that William Penn went to Europe in early 1700’s to get mtheb y Grandparents, Antonius Jacobus Henckel and his wife Elzabeth Dentzer. On both side’s of grandfather’s were very religious people. There was an Manchester named John Henckel in the 1600’s was the Chaplin for the Queen of Malaysia.. The father of Antonius J. Henchmen was a Teacher/Principal of a school over in Europe. I know of Loysa Wagner, but that was as far as I could get,, I don’t remember her parents name. Did Loysa marry a Hinkle? My blood type is 0- and so was my father’s. My father had 3 brother’s? names: Charlie, JB and d?n. They had one sister named Blanche. May they all rest in peace. Back in the late 1980″z or early 1990’s a scroll was printed from Arkansas and had the Hinckley family in it. Also was aTeacher picture with his fat joy Tom Hinkle. Are there anymore publication’Edith the Henckel name’s them? I would love to come to a family reunion. Where and what do I need to do so I can come too? A big hello to all family member’s out there. I pray to hear from someone soon. I have two daughter’s, Rachelle and Tara. Tara made me a Grandmother on the 24th of January 2017. She waited to have children until she got her Master’s degree. My oldest daughter Rachelle has her AS degree. As far As I , I’m a Disabled Veeteran of the US Army. I look forward to hearing from one of my family members soon. I hope I did not miss the reunion this hear. I am also wanting to move out of California. Maybe someone in the Hinkle family sells real estate? Sandra Kay Cargle (Hinkle).:-)

      • I have used The Henckel Genealogy to look up your family connection to the Henckels. We usually do not do genealogical research for people because it takes so much time to do it right.
        I would suggest that you purchase a Henckel Genealology and use all the information you have to create your own family tree. Our website even gives suggestion as you should proceed to do it right. Start by writing down all the information on your dad William Boston Hinkle, date of birth date he died, where he was born and died and lived most of his life. Do the same for any other relatives, it would help if you knew his father’s. Maybe some other member of your family could help with that information. Anyway go to the Publications Tab to find how to get a Henckel Genealogy. I am also going to contact a Hinkle descendent for you with the last name of Boston (your father’s middle name from what you told us). Possibly he can help you. Good luck in your search, it is ashamed the flood wiped all your family’s history. Hopefully, we can help you replace some of it. Richard Henkel

  41. Roy Hinkel said:

    My last name is spelled a bit differently as Hinkel but I have been told that it was changed from Hinkle only 3 generations back or so. I don’t recognize any of the names on this we site but that can be attributed to my lack of knowledge concerning my ancestry. My name is Roy W Hinkel. My father is Roy R Hinkel and my grandfather is Roy C Hinkel. That is about the extent of my knowledge on the subject. If someone could help me to see how closely related I am if at all to Anthony Jacob It would be greatly appreciated. My grandfather was born in Kansas as far as I know. Thank you in advance for any help.

    Roy Hinkel

    • Roy give us a few more hints on your family. Any middle names you have on all 3 Roy’s. Birthday’s on all 3, death of your grandfather. Where was you dad born and when, same on your grand dad. There are only a few Hinkel in the Hnekel Genealogy Branch IV and VI.Your last name may have been changed spellings through the years. For any of us to help you we will need more info. Your mothers name , her mother date of birth and death, etc. could help. Richard

      Was Roy C. Hinkel, your grandad, born around Sept. 9, 1900 in Rush County, Kansas, lived in Concordia, Kansas most of his life? Possibly died April 12, 1983 in Dighton, Kansas? Is this possible???? Tell us about yourself.

      • Roy Hinkel said:

        My grandfather is Roy Cooper Hinkel and he is still alive currently living in Dallas Texas. His wife is Elizabeth Hinkel her maiden name is Reed. My mothers name is Teresa Hinkel maiden name Wendell. I was told by my father that our last name was changed when the army misspelled my great grandfathers name and he just kept the new spelling. I was told that is was previously spelled Hinkle. I am working on birth dates and will get back to you on that.


      • Great grandfathers full name and birthday and died on date. Where he died?

        This would be best information. HINKLE IS MOST PROMINENT SPELLING STARTING AROUND 1760’S.


      • Nancy Hart Battaglia said:

        Hi Roy. I am also a descendant of Anthony Jacob Henckel. I saw your email mentioning K.C. and a Reed ancestor. My great grandmother was a Reed from Marion, Ohio in the late 1800’s and I grew up in K.C. I would love to stay in touch with you.
        Nancy Hart Battaglia nancymhart@me.com

  42. Reva Kaye Jamison Wood said:

    Greetings from “The Eight” Great Grandaughter of “The Rev. Anthony Jacob Henckel ”
    My Name is Reva Kaye Jamison Wood of Barnsdall, OK 918-846-2450. Be glad to help anyone on Genealogy.
    God Bless Our Henckel Family!!revakayewood@gmail.com

    • Frederick Hinkle said:

      Hi Reva,
      I would appreciate your Help. My name is Frederick R Hinkle (born 1951 Phila) my dad is Frederick G Hinkle (born 1928 NJ) his dad was William Boone Hinkle (born 1890 died 1958 Bridge St. Phila) His dad was William Boone Hinkle (Bridge St.Phila) his Dad ,my GGGranddad was William Boone Hinkle (Born 1830 died 1885 Phila [Germantown]).
      Can you tell me what my connection is? Thank you!!
      Frederick Hinkle

    • Nancy Hart Battaglia said:

      Do you have any information on an Elizabeth Levering from Philadelphia marrying an Anton Jacob HInkle (Henckel)? I have just ordered the book and hope to get more information there. Thank you.

  43. Whoever is looking for Catherine/Katherine Deiter I would suggest looking under the Americanized version Teter. I recall a Catherine Teter somewhere but not the specifics right now. Contact me directly and I can look the information I have up for you.

  44. Pat Michael said:

    Hello, I am a member of the DAR and am helping a Henckel with her lineage. Her patriot is John Justus Henckel. The DAR wants further proof that he is a patriot. Please, help us by sharing the source. Thanks… Email: les.pat@comcast.net

  45. Are you able to give us more information about the 2017 Reunion in Germantown??
    We are planning on having our “Cousin Reunion” there for the Hinkle Reunion!!
    We need info. about hotels and dates!!
    We do plan in advance in order to take time off and get the “kids” to schedule the time off.
    At least a date????
    Thank you!!

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