We would like to have you as a member of our Association. When becoming a member you will receive two Newsletters. The first will be published and mailed to you in mid-November, outlining our recently completed Reunion and announcing our upcoming Reunion site with dates of the event.

The second Newsletter will be published and mailed by March 1. Details of the coming Reunion will give you dates, location, events planned, as well as, hotel information, so you can make your hotel reservations at that time. Please tell your brother, sister, parents, cousins, etc. about our Association. The more Henckel descendants at Family Reunion the more we can learn about each others.

Annual Association membership dues are $25.00.  The $25.00 includes your immediate family, that is,  husband, wife, and children that are still living at home. Dues must be paid every year to remain an active member in the Association and to continue to receive the two Newsletters.

Your dues go to helping to fund not only the reunions, but also research on our family, and memorials like the ones recently placed at New Hanover Evangelical Lutheran’s Cemetery and at The Brake Church in West Virginia in 2017. We also are planning on replacing Jacob Anthony Hinkle’s gravestone at St. Michael’s Lutheran in Germantown, PA in 2019.

Check should be made to: The Reverend A.J. Henckel Family National Association,  Inc. and mailed to our Treasurer at the following address:

Kimberly Hinkle Linger, 1468 Shawnee Drive, Buckhannon, WV 26201

Please include your e-mail address with your check. 

59 thoughts on “Membership”

  1. Michael Boyce said:

    I am Michael Boyce, son of Richard Boyce (Keyser WV), son of Clara Agnes Hinkle, daughter of James Wesley Hinkle and Sarah Ann Hinkle (cousins).

    Can I join?

  2. Does anyone have the lineage from Rev. AJ Henckel back to Martin Luther?

    • Lee Ann Brown said:

      He was a contemporary of Martin Luther, not a descendant of him, from what I have seen.

    • He is a descendant, I am looking for records of it as well, Im sure someone in the family has proof, besides word of mouth that has come down through the lines. I descend from the Henkle line back to Margaretha Luther (1534 – 1570.)

  3. Nanette Teters said:

    Hi Everybody!

    I just mailed my check, I’m excited to learn more about my Family.


  4. Sarah Ireland said:

    Great Grandma was Milmae (Mildred M. Henkle) in Washington. Her parents were Roy and Bessie May Henkel. What a great background on our lineage! I’m so glad o found this!

    Thank you to everybody who keeps this up!

  5. That church is shut down in Germantown PA.
    What are the plans for it?
    Who has all the origdocumentation?

    • Hi Brenda, St. Michaels ELC was sold by the Lutheran Synod a year or so ago, but they will be maintaining the graveyard/cemetery going forward. The exterior is to remain the same, but the new owners can modify the inside to meet their needs. I am not sure how it can be used as parking is very limited in that area. I am not knowledgeable of who the new owner is or their plans for the building.
      Rev. Gary Boston. association VP

  6. I am so excited to hind the Henckel Family Association. Abraham Henckel Sr is my 5th great-grandfather. I can’t wait to share all that I have learned with my sons.

  7. Carla Moore Blaha said:

    Hello! I would like to join the Association. I learned of it through a DNA match on ancestry. There are Henkels on both my fathers mothers side and I believe his fathers as well. In addition my father was Dr. Charles Henkel Moore from New Market VA. I see treasurer is Mr. J. Robert Moore from New Market. New Market Moore’s seem to all be connected. I’m wondering if our paths crossed years ago at a reunion for the Moore’s? I lost touch with that group and was wondering if it was still around. I’m hoping to become a member here. Thank you Carla Moore Blaha.

  8. Hi! I was doing some research and came across this website. I’m looking forward to learning more about my Henkel family! Johannes Adam Biffle and Catherine Henkel Biffle were my 6th Great Grandparents. Their daughter, Elizabeth Biffle was my 5th Great Grandmother.

    • Our best resource for you is our The Henckel Genealogy book. Our website has instructions on how to purchase it and how to join. We do additional historical research for our annual reunions of association members in the locals where we hold the reunions. This year, 2019, Frederick, MD, and county. See details on the newsletter tab. Rev. Gary Boston, President

  9. Sandra Plum said:

    I am stunned! I was doing my usual am review of Face Book this morning when I was lead to this page. Divine intervention to be sure. I will be sending in my membership and plan to attend the family reunion as well. I only wish I could have brought my grandfather with me. I am a descendant of John Justice HInkle, my maternal grandfather was the late Harry Hinkle Sr. of Hambleton, WV. My great-grandfather was Charles Hinkle of the Dryfork community, WV and my great-great grandfather was James Hinkle, I have no information on Jame at this time. My family reunions came to a stop when my grandfather passed away in 1997, however, we had a gathering June of 2018 in Riverton, WV and plan to get together again this year in July. My Mother Betty L (Hinkle) Michael was able to attend at 83. So gland I found this organization!
    Sandy Plum
    Parsons, WV

  10. Schnika Mckissic said:

    Trying to locate family.. WALKER AND HINKLE married in Bessemer Alabama..

  11. Amber Hinkle said:

    I have researched my family quite a bit and Reverend Anthony Jacob Henckel is my some great grandfather. I have the big red book that has my family’s history in it. It goes to my 5th great grandfather who is Brian Hinkle. My grandfather, Randy Hinkle, told me about my family but I’d still love to learn more!

    • Amber, We always have an informative reunion over Father’s Day weekend, there is a link on our website to become a member and join us at our 2019 reunion which will be in Frederick, MD as we have two of AJH branches that were there in the 1700s.

  12. Adriana Henckell said:

    I would like to be there!

    • I will send you Newsletter, that has all the details for attending. I would suggest going to the Membership TAB to join our Association, that way yu will get all information on our Reunions and all historical information on our family.

  13. Patty Derrick said:

    I am from Branch 11 (2) Having Recently discovering Jacob Henklel (Hinkle)1732-1789 direct relationship to his Father Johann Gerhardt Anthony Henckel thru his brother John Justus Henckel and Rev David’s Grandfather to Rev David Henckel listed him as first cousin when in Rowan NC at Dutchman’s Creek. I placed Jacob in Rowan at that location at that time with a land purchase on Dutchmans creek 1785. He is the only Jacob Hinkle in that area at that time. Jacob’s Brother is also called cousin by Rev Paul.

    NOW I need to connect William Hinkle 1778-1831 to his Father Jacob Hinkle 1732-1789 (above) I have them in land purchases but is here are proof of Father to son? anywhere????

    ALSO LOOKING for the Connection of son to son Osbirn Walker married Christina Hinkle (wife of William)
    Osbirn William Henry Walker 1799-1867**CONNECT son to John Walker PATRIOT 1748 ab-1829***
    His mother Elizabeth McCampbell Walker 1765-1840*** daughter of Samuel 1743-1804
    His wife Christian Clara Hinkle Walker 1803-1876** her Father William Henckel 1778 son of Jacob Henckel 1732
    Their daughter Susan Caroline Walker DeLapp**
    (NOTE Christina Henckel Walker’s Mother was Jane White daughter of Hugh White of Fishing Creek SC)
    (Jacob Henckel 1732 is from Spread Eagle Tavern in Lancaster PA and moved to Lincolnton NC with son William)
    I have all the information on Christian from her back to now an on the White’s….

  14. Lee Brown said:

    I am interested in purchasing the book on the genealogy of the Henckels, but my family is descended from Valentine Geiger, does any of the book follow his lineage?

  15. Check your sources on John Justus Hinkle wife. I am a Branch V and have visited his and is wife’s grave recently in the Germany Valley. Her name was Maria Magdelena Eschelmann.

    • Anthony Jacob was John Justice’s father, not his grandfather. John Justice was born 7/9/1709 not in 1733. John Justice’s son, John Justice Hinkle (Jr) was born 1//3/1752. I do not know where you are getting your information, but you need to find another source. Richard Henkel

  16. Viveca Miller said:

    Very interesting, since I have John Justice Hinkle 1733 with his grandfather as Anthony Jacob Henckel 1668-1728

  17. Viveca Miller said:

    I have been researching my family history on all sides for the last few years. Just came across this website when searching for John Justice. From what i have read I am a member of the Branch V. Please verify my findings.
    John Justice and Elizabeth Levering had a daughter Sarah Hinkle married Henry Albrecht had a daughter Margaret Elizabeth Albrecht. She married Jacob William Britscher and they had a son John Quincy Britcher married Mary Anne McKinney daughter Rosella E Britcher married a Martin – had a son Charley H Martin married Sallie A Teal Their child – Edna Margaret is my Grandmother.

    • We as an “Association” do not do genealogy studies for our members, however, I have posted your comment on asking for verification of your family tree. One comment, the John Justice Hinkle(I assume)you mentioned who was married to Elizabeth Levering. John Justice Hinkle (head of Branch V) was married to Maria Magdalena Eschmann in about 1730, his son John Justice (Jr.) was married to Christina Negeley in 1774. Not sure where you got your information, but would check it out again, it is quite suspect. The Henckel Genealogy which is currently out of print, but will be reprinted in February or early March may help you in determining your exact lineage. You will be able to purchase it on this website once reprinted.

    • Sarah Kelley said:

      I have similar information connecting my family to John Justus Henckel (1733-1816) and Elizabeth Levering (1732-1782). They had a daughter Margaret Henckel () m. John Deado/Ditoe/etc and their daughter Mary married Andrew Brugh. There is a lot of information about this John Justus and Elizabeth Levering but, like Viveca, I have gotten caught up in figuring out which John Justus is the correct one becuase the name is repeated so many times over the generations. Viveca, our John and Elizabeth are on Find A Grave. I believe Our John Justus is the son of Jacob Anthony Henckel, son of Anthony Jacob and brother of the John Justus Sr. Hope this is correct and that it helps untangle the yarn ball. 🙂

      • Anthony Jacob Henckel’s son John Justus was born in Daudenzell, Germany in 1706 and he died at the Hinkle Fort from a gunshot wound in August 1778 while defending the fort during the Revolutionary War. He had a son, Johann Justice who was born Jan. 3, 1752 on Dutchman’s Creek in Rowan County, NC. He died in April 17, 1794. I am not sure where the John Justus who was born in 1733 and died 1782 came from. Maybe a son of one of John Justus Henckel’s brothers, that named him after John Justice(1706-1778). If you do not have a Henckel Genealogy, you may want to purchase one, it should lead you to your Henckel ancestry. If you have one, check all the spellings of Henckel, Hinkle, Henkel, etc in the index and look up John Justice ________. This might lead you to the answer.

      • Jaye Drummond said:

        Is there documentation for the following statment?– “John Justus [Henckel]…died at the Hinkle Fort from a gunshot wound in August 1778 while defending the fort during the Revolutionary War.” Fascinating if true. I don’t remember reading that in any of the published Henckel works or in any of my own research. Many thanks.

      • Jeanie R Watts said:

        I realize this is coming late in the game but I did some checking. In the Levering family genealogy it names your Elizabeth (b1732) d/o William and Hannah (Clements) Levering who married John Hinkle. The book specifically states that nothing is known of Mr. Hinkle other than he has a son named William who is named in the will of William Levering. The book goes on to indicate that the only child of Elizabeth and John that is known is William. Others are possible but nothing is known of them for sure. William Hinkle married but his wife is unknown and only one child is mentioned, a son named Anthony who married and lived in Baltimore with his “posterity”. The name John Justus is never mentioned, no parents for John are assumed or named and William is the only child mentioned nor is a date for either John’s birth or death.

  18. Terry Henkle said:

    Hi, I’m interested in becoming a member. Is Robert Moore still the person to contact about this? Thanks, Terry Henkle

  19. Lynda: I just checked the Henckel Genealogy and saw that Adam Biffle married Catherine Henkle, the daughter of the Rev. John Henkle, a son of Jacob Hinkle. See pg. 215 in Henckel Genealogy (a Branch 5 Henckel). There are a lot more Biffle’s that married Henckel’s. The Henckel Genealogy can help you trace a lot of them. Hope you become a member of our Association, it would be great to have a descendent of the Biffle side of the family as a member. Richard Henkel

  20. Lynda Greaves said:

    Just found out that I am part of the Hinkle family. John Biffle is my fourth greatgrandfather and his mother is Catherine Hinkle. Although I have been doing family research for years, I only recently explored this branch of the family. John Biffle’s house is located in my part of the country (having been moved to Atlanta from another site). I am looking forward to exploring your site and possibly joining!
    Lynda Greaves – Concord, Ga.

  21. I’ve carefully studied my copy of Junkin’s Henckel Genealogy, and, alas, the two separate connections I’d found to the Henckel line can’t be substantiated at this point, at least based on the genealogy. On the other hand, three different DNA-testing sites (AncestryDNA, 23andMe and Family Tree DNA), all show that I’m a DNA match for more than a dozen others who’ve found connections to the Henckel line. I’m sure there’s a connection somewhere; hope springs eternal. I’m still fascinating by the family history, and I’m glad I joined the association.

  22. The Helmick Family is mentioned on pg. 222-223 in The Henckel Genealogy. There are a lot of Helmicks mention throughout Branch V of our family. I would suggest checking The Henckel Genealogy to better understand how the Henckels and Helmicks were related. It will take some study.

    • Thanks for the tip on tracking down the Helmick connection. I ordered Junkin’s Henckel Genealogy from Apple Manor Press earlier today. I’m looking forward to seeing what it has about my lineage.

  23. Carol Bailey Hoernle Grand daughter of William O. Hinkle said:

    Awesome way to connect….great idea and use of technology thanks for thinking of this

  24. I started researching my family history about a year ago, and soon discovered that I’m a Henckel descendant on my father’s side. Anthony Jacob Henckel was my 7th great grandfather. Since then, I’ve visited the site of Hinkle’s Fort and the cemetery at the Emmanuel Lutheran Church in New Market. I still have much to learn about this branch of my family; and this Web site has been very helpful. Earlier today, I sent my check to join the association. I’m looking forward to receiving the newsletters, and I’m hoping to attend one of the reunions sometime in the future.

    • It is great that you are getting into your Henckel Family history. I did the same thing 4 years ago, had no idea what my ancestry was. We will be having our next Reunion in Staunton and Waynesboro over June 17,18,19 and hope you will be able to attend. As a member you will receive a Newsletter in JAnuary and March telling you about our last Reunion and the upcoming one. Have you figured out which Branch of Anthony Jacob Henkel’s that you are from? Hope to see you in Staunton. Richard Henkel

      • Thanks for the welcome and the information, Richard! I’ve so far needed to rely mostly on family trees and on-line documents available on in researching my family tree. I understand that genealogy “purists” require more in the way of proof of relationship, and that’s understandable, but the information I’ve found seems to be reliable. Also, for what it’s worth, I’m a DNA match with several people who also claim Johann Justus Henckel as an ancestor. I’m fairly sure this is my line of descent:

        Anthony Jacob Henckel (1668-1728)
        Johann Justus Henckel (1706-1778)
        Rev. Jacob Henckel (1733-1779)
        Barbara Hinkle (1752-1813) (married Jacob Adam Helmick II)
        John Wesley Helmick (1783-1863)
        Ira Ellis Helmick (1824-1915)
        Albert Lewis Helmick (1855-1933)
        Mary Christina Helmick (1884-1966) (married Leonidas Cunningham)
        Earldon Roy Cunningham (1909-1984)
        Larry Cunningham (1949-still kicking)

        I’m a seeker of the truth, and if any of this information is incorrect I would appreciate hearing about it. I would, admittedly, be disappointed if I found that I actually wasn’t a Henckel. 🙂


  25. Not sure if my membership is still valid or not. How can I find out? I still get emails.

  26. anne bernhardt said:

    I plan to join this association and will send dues into Mr. Moore.

    Anne Harper Bernhardt, granddaughter of Corinne Henkel Harper

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