2018 Family Reunions – Winchester, VA – Pictures

The Morning Tour

Museum of the Shenandoah Valley picture

Our first stop on Saturday morning was at The Museum of the Shenandoah. Nick Powers, Curator of Collections of the Museum gave an outstanding presentation on the Henkel Press (publishing company) and a demonstration on the actual printing press the Henkel’s used to start their publishing company in 1806. 

Henkel Press best picture

The Henkel Ramsberg printing press ca. 1750, used to print Henkel publications from 1807 to abt.1830, when a new press was acquired.

Write up on Dr. Solomon at MSV

A guided tour of the Museum followed Nick’s presentation on the Henkel Press. There were Henkel presentation board scattered throughout the Museum like the one shown above about Dr. Solomon and Dr. Solon Henkel.



The Godfrey Miller Museum was the next stop on the morning tour. Sandy Jones, in full 1700’s attire gave a presentation of the home of John Miller, Godfrey and Anna Maria Miller oldest son. The home has a reception area where Matt Miller, a Miller descendent, and purveyor of his family’s fabulous collection of Henkel and Miller memorabilia gave a presentation explaining the relationship through the years of the inter-marriages of Henkel and Miller, starting with the marriage of Paul Henkel’s son Dr. Solomon to Godfrey Miller’s daughter Rebecca Miller in 1800. Matt as he explained the complex family tree pointed out memorabilia from the era he was talking about. After his presentation our family members looked at many different pieces of Henkel-Miller collectibles mostly from the 1800’s. See a few of pieces of Matt and his brothers collection below.

Matt Miller Memorabilia

The Book of Concord was translated by the Henkels from German to English. It took from abt. 1830 until 1847 before it was printed by the Henkel Press.

Pistol used at Hinkle Fort

As captioned the pistol above was used for a Memorial to the people who lived and fought at the Hinkle Fort in Riverton, Pendleton County, VA (at the time, today WV).

Quilty made by Henkel Millers in 1800's

Again, as captioned, the Miller Quilt was created by the family of Abraham Shultz and Julia Virginia (Henkel) Miller in 1889. According to Nick Powers, it is a rare example of a quilt that has survived this long in such excellent condition.

Our Next stop was at the Jim Barnette Park where our members enjoyed a barbeque lunch.

The Afternoon Tours

The Bell House Winchester

The Bell House which was completed in abt. 1813 was build by John and Rebecca Ann (Miller) Bell. The home was recently purchased by the Shenandoah Valley Battlefield Commission and the Henkel Family Association was the first group to tour the house since the purchase in 2016. Our family enjoyed a presentation by Terry Heder of the Commission.

Handey Libary

Our next stop on the tour was at the Handley Library, where we were taken on a guided tour. Featured on the tour were the spectacular inside view of the dome, the children’s library which contained a uniquely placed glass floor and reams of children’s book.  Our main focus on the tour was a visit to the Archives section of the library, where the librarian had filled two large display cabinets full of Henkel and Miller memorabilia from the archive library.  


Our third stop in the afternoon was at the Grace Evangelical Lutheran Church where Mary Froehliche the Historian of the church gave us a presentation on Godfrey Miller, Reverend Christian Streit,and Paul Henkel. Mary told us how Paul had come to visit Christian Streit around 1786, so that Streit could tutor him for his license to preach in the Lutheran Church. After getting his license, Streit helped him to become an ordain Lutheran minister. Mary surmised that Rev. Paul probably met Godfrey Miller, who was a member of the the church through Rev. Streit. Now we all believe that this is how the long standing relationship truly started!

Old German Lutheran Ruins

Our last stop on our tour waas at the ruins of the “old Germany Lutheran Church”. Where Nick Powers presented a timeline on the churches from the time Lord Fairfax donated the land for the church in 1753 until the church was destroyed by fire in 1854.

After Nick’s presentation, he led us to the graves of Godfrey and Anna Maria (Kurtz) Miller’s graves. A picture of the site and the flowers that the “Association” provided for the graves is shown at the end of the Winchester Family Reunion section.





34 thoughts on “2018 Family Reunions – Winchester, VA – Pictures”

  1. Sandra Plum said:

    Would it be possible for me to get information on the 2018 Reunion? I only live 2 hours away and with addresses I would be able to bring my mother down for a tour. All I would need is addresses. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
    Sandy Plum

    • I likely have a copy of last years newsletter with the Miller house, Museum of the Shenandoah Valley with the Henkel Press displayed on the second floor, Handley Library, and other visits in Winchester during our 2018 reunion.

  2. Jaime Feliciano said:

    This is the information I have with my research (if it is correct)……Do you have a family tree anywhere?

    Abraham Eschmann Henkle (1749 – 1815)
    6th great-grandfather

    Catherine Hinkle (1776 – 1862)
    daughter of Abraham Eschmann Henkle

    Barbara Sites (1796 – 1849)
    daughter of Catherine Hinkle

    William M Iman (1821 – 1883)
    son of Barbara Sites

    Esau Malcolm Iman (1855 – 1940)
    son of William M Iman

    Royal Esau Iman (1891 – 1957)
    son of Esau Malcolm Iman

    Virginia Lee Iman (1925 – 2004)
    daughter of Royal Esau Iman

    Ricky Ray Delph (1953 – )
    son of Virginia Lee Iman

    Jaime Lee Delph (Me) (1982 – )
    You are the daughter of Ricky Ray Delph

    • Just sent you an email with information on how to verify and expand your family tree. For others that read this, The Henckel Genealogy is the best source to create or verify your Henckel(Hinkle, Henkel, Henkle, Miller, Coiner, and so on). It is available only through our Association and all information on attaining one is available by going to PUBLICATIONS on this website.

  3. marylou halupa said:

    i am a member of the henckel assoc, 7th branch. i live in oregon, and have been to a handful of reunions here. i learned about the 300th celebration last summer at our oregon reunion in portland. exciting! i would appreciate hearing from you as the details for this amazing event come together. my ‘people’ came to portland and philomath by wagon train in 1852 and 1853, the later being the henkle train. i am now retired and want to spend more time on learning the great stories! please keep me informed of the plans.

    marylou danielson halupa

    • Mary Lou:

      I just checked our records and we do not show you as a current member of “The Henckel Family National Association”. You must be a member of the Association to receive our newsletter that is published twice a year (Nov. and March). The March Newsletter will tell you about our Reunion in New Hanover, PA which is where our family started its life in America in 1717.

      Please go to the Tab Member on this website and it will give you instructions for becoming a member of the Association, so you will once again receive our Newsletters. Annual dues payment are required to remain an active member of the Association.

  4. Anthony Jacob Henkel (7th) great grandfather
    Johann Justus Henkel (6th)
    Jacob Henkel married Mary Barbara Teter (5th)
    Barbara Hinkle married Jacob Adam Helmick (4th)
    Hannah Helmick married Daniel B Hardway (3rd)
    George Washington Hardway married Barbara Jarvis (2nd)
    Ellen Hardway married Archibald H Boggs (great-grandparents)
    Jacob S Boggs married Alice Melinda Davis (grandparents)
    Clyde Edward Boggs married Shirley Irene White (parents)
    Me – Carolyn

  5. Billie Lee Rammelsberg said:

    I wish that I could have made it to the 2016 Henckel Reunion, but I went to my Nail/Ray Family Reunion just the weekend before the Henckel Reunion and we couldn’t leave our furry friends (our cats) home alone any longer. Looks by the pictures that you had a good time and saw a lot of stuff that interests me. I would love to come to the 2017 Reunion in PA if I could talk my husband into it. My ancestor was Asa Henkle & his first wife Sarah Plummer & their son Jacob Titus Henkle. Asa Henkle and his second wife Anna Micheals came to Garrison, Benton Co., IA..
    Your Henkle Cousin
    Billie Lee Alcott-Rammelsberg

  6. Thanks Charles, it was a great experience learning about all of our cousins that lived and prospered in Staunton and my great grandfather and grandmother that lived in Waynesboro which is my childhood home town!

  7. Charles Coley said:

    Congratulations to Richard Henkel for creating and nurturing an exceptional and outstanding Reunion in Staunton. He was totally committed to making this reunion special. He made many trips to Staunton and Waynesboro preparing for the event. It is apparent from the pictures that he accomplished his dream for the event. Congratulation – Richard!!!!

  8. Emma Hinkle said:

    I am Emma Hinkle I am married To David Hinkle. We have an autobiography of Anthony J.Henckle written by one of his Great Great Many Great Granddaughter. We would love to come to the reunion in 2017.

    • We look forward to seeing you at the 2017 Reunion in Pennsylvania in June 2017. Continue to follow us on our website and also join our Association, so you will receive updates on attending the Reunion.

  9. Hugh Cooke Ladd said:

    I am Siram P. Henkel’s great grandson. I am 64 years old and live in Huntington WV. My mother was Margret Lucille Renalds Ladd. I would like to know who the living descendants of Siram P. Henkel are and where they live.

  10. Jaye Drummond said:

    Is the sword a recent discovery? I don’t remember reading about it or seeing it before. I am a descendant of Johann Justus Henckel through his son Jacob (1733-1779), then Benjamin (1765-1792), and Gideon (1786-1869).

  11. Thanks to my sister, I was just informed in the last week about my lineage in the Henckel/Henkle/Hinkle family tree. John Justus Sr. was my 7x great grandfather. She also showed me a picture of the Hinkle’s Fort marker in WV. Very cool!

    It appears John’s grandson, George Henkle (John Justus Jr.’s eldest son), relocated to Fayette County, Ohio. And his grandson, John Collins Henkle, must have been the one to relocate to Clark County, Ohio. He owned land in (naturally) German Township there. He was my 3x great grandfather.

    And then I discovered this website and learned there is a Henckel family association. Also very cool.

    I’ve also discovered there seems to be a lot of Hinkles in the Ft Worth, TX area. Is this a branch of the family tree? If so, I’d be curious to know which.

    Lastly, are there no pictures available from the reunion held in Springfield, Ohio? I’d be very curious to see those as that is the hometown of my great grandfather, grandfather, and mother.

    • Barry, first thanks for checking our website out. The site has only been in existence since late 2012. We put pictures of Reunion that we had back to around 2007. Secondly, the last time and only time, a Reunion was held in Springfield, Ohio was 1996. I am not aware of any pictures of that Reunion being available, in the coming year we will be publishing a book on the Reunions from 1965 to 2015 (50 continuous years). If pictures are available we will find them in our research and publish some of the ones we find in the book. Lastly, to my knowledge we have no members of our Association that live in Texas, so I can not answer your question on what Branch they may represent.

      If you do not have a Henckel Genealogy, you may want to purchase one. They currently are out of print, but as it states on our website, you can find them on Amazon.com or on eBay.com in either print versions or on disk. We hope to have our own source for the print version in the next couple of months. We hope that you will consider joining our Association, our 2017 Reunion in Germantown, PA at St. Michael’s Lutheran will be of great interest to anyone who wants to know more about where they came from. As you no doubt sqaw, all information on joining is on the website. Thanks again for your interest, Richard Henkel – Webmaster.

      • Phillip Hinkle said:

        Barry, I’ve lived in Grapevine (suburb of Fort Worth) since 1989 and have been a member of the Association for probably the last 15 to 20+ years. So, I’ve maintained an interest in Rev. A.J. Henckel. But, because of my distance from the east coast, I’ve never been an active member of the association. I mostly just read the newsletters. I have visited St. Michael’s Lutheran Church in Germantown and visited New Market, VA sites about 3 or 4 times. I would not have been able to visit sites here in the United States without the remarkable job the officers do in keeping the association active.

        I just returned last week from Germany. I visited the first church where Rev. A.J. Henckel served as a pastor (Eschelbronn), which is also the only church in Germany with a memorial tablet commemorating Rev. A. J. Henckel. I stayed with Marius Golgath and his family. Marius is the author of the only German book on Rev. A.J. Henckel. While there, we visited the nearby Daudenzell church, which is the last church in Germany where Rev. Henckel served as pastor before he came to America. The altar and bell tower that were standing when Rev. A.J. Henckel was pastor are still standing, and we were allowed to climb to the belfry where the 500 year old bell still rings hourly.

        I’m from the 5th branch. If you want to chat sometime, feel free to call me. My number is in the phone book. Phillip Hinkle

  12. It’s a pity you don’t have a donate button! I’d without a doubt donate to this fantastic blog!
    I suppose for now i’ll settle for bookmarking and adding your
    RSS feed to my Google account. I look forward to new updates
    and will share this site with my Facebook group.
    Chat soon!

    • Please see TAB – Membership. You will find the forms necessary to join our Association and also for donations to projects that we are working on. Our major efforts at this time is raising money to help St. Michael’s Lutheran Church in Germantown, PA. The church was formed in 1728 by Anthony Jacob Henckel and is the site of our 2017 Reunion. Anthony Jacob and his family came to America in 1717 and the Reunion will celebrate our family’s 300th year in America!

      The Association also mains a cemetery in the Germany Valley where John Justus Henkel and some of his family are buried. The site of the Hinkle Fort used our troops in the Revolutionary War is located on land adjacent to the cemetery. Our Reunion in June will be held at this site and others throughout the Valley.

      Thank you for your compliments on the website, we hope you will join our Association!! Richard Henkel

  13. I will be in Costa Rica this reunion.I will make the next one.

    Geoffrey Taylor

  14. Jodi Mattingly said:

    Have the dates for the 2015 reunion been scheduled yet ?

    • Dates have not been issued for 2015 Reunion in Riverton, WVA yet. However, looking at the calendar indicates that they will probably be June 12, 13, 14th.

      • Cheryl Dumaine said:

        Would sure like to get the information about dates, places to stay, etc as we will be coming from California. The sooner we get it the sooner we can get our reservations. Thanks.

      • Please look under Newsletter Tab and you will see date of upcoming Family Reunion – June 19-20-21 – headquarters will tentatively be in Moorefield, WVA. The family Association is in process of
        finding a hotel/motel to handle our members. Further details willbe forthcoming in our Spring Newsletter in late March o early April. We look forward to seeing you at the Reunion!

  15. I am descended from Christian Henkel from Philadelphia that married Isaac Harman and moved to Harman Hills, WV about 1770. Please send me info about the Riverton, WV dates for 2015 reunion. (vmidoc@hotmail.com,)

    • For information to be sent by mail to you, you must join the Association. The information will be on this website in March for your review if you do not want to join. We would like to have you as a member,
      so please go to membership to learn how to join.

  16. Stephanie Ebert said:

    John Justus Henkel is my 17th uncle!!!!

  17. Judy Brand said:

    Please put me down for the reunion in 2015!

  18. Kim Garvey said:

    Yes I am a descendant of the Henckel family and live in Ontario, Canada but wish to be contacted about the ReUnions and other information. I have never been there in USA yet!!!

    • Kim, the Reunion this year will be in and around Conover, NC. It is always held in the middle of June, so coninue to check the web page. I would suggest that you become a member of the Association, so that you will get mailers on the Reunion and other info on the Association. You can do this by following the directions on the web page. The dues are $10.00 per year.

      Richard Henkel

  19. Pat McRowe said:

    I am a descendant of “Jost” Henckel, through his daughter Margaret and George Teter. I would like to be informed about the 2014 reunion.
    Thanks, Pat McRowe

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