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Dedication of the  

 Jacob and Barbara Henkle Memorial

April 29, 2017

The Henckel Family Association is proud to announce the unveiling of a Memorial to Jacob and Barbara (Teter) Henkle and their family on Saturday, April 29, 2017 at 10:30 AM at the Brake Church Cemetery, just outside of Petersburg, West Virginia.

Jacob Henkle Memoial Brake Church, WV

Reverend Gregory W. Adamson, the “Henckel Family Association” Historian, made  a presentation on the Jacob Henkle family’s history not only in the 1700’s, but also its contribution through future generations. There were a number of 6 and 7th generation family members at the unveiling that were amazed at what their family had contributed not only to the area, but to our country throughout  the past 250 years.


Rev. Adamson and Charles Hinkle, the Vice President of our Association, are shown above, talking about the creation of the Memorial. Charles and his wife Cathy spearheaded the fundraising, design, manufacturing, and placement of the Memorial which was made possible through donations by our “Association” members.

Richard Henkel, President of the “Henckel Family Association” announced that Memorials will continue to placed at historically important family sites to perpetuate the history of the Henckel family for many generations to come.

Richard indicated that the “Association” hoped to place its next Memorial at New Hanover Evangelical Church in New Hanover, Pennsylvania, the site of our next Family Reunion on June 16, 17, and 18, 2017. The New Hanover Reunion will recognize our family’s 300th Anniversary since their arrival in America in mid-September 1717. See details concerning the upcoming Reunion below.


 The Reverend Anthony Jacob Henckel Family National Association

Upcoming 2017 Reunion in Pennsylvania June 16,17,18

“Our Family’s 300th Anniversary Reunion since coming to America in 1717

    New Hanover Evangelical Lutheran Church – Built  1768 

The 2017 Pennsylvania Reunion – The Sites, etc.

Myself and Gary Boston, a member of our “Association” that resides in Reading, PA, visited New Hanover Lutheran Church in September and again in March with Greg Adamson to research the site for our upcoming 2017 Reunion.

We visited the Boone Homestead and Museum. Daniel Boone was born here and lived at this location until he was about 15 years old. He and his immediate family moved to NC around 1750 and settled on a farm next to the Henkle’s  farm (name change while there) near Mocksville, NC. The Boone and Henckel farms in the New Hanover area were less than 10 miles apart and they surely knew each other and may have planned their move to NC together. We have secured a date and time for a visit to the Boone’s Homestead and Museum on Saturday, June 17th in Birdsboro, PA. We will have the grounds and exhibits all to ourselves, like we did at The Woodrow Wilson’s Birthplace and Museum in Staunton, VA in 2016. The grounds, home, and barn are all wonderfully kept and all will be available to us. I bet there will even be a few Boone family members dressed like they were back in the 1600 and 1700’s. You, your kids, and grand kids will all enjoy this site.

We then traveled to New Hanover and looked for Anthony Jacob Henckel and  his son-in-law Valentine Geiger’s adjoining 250 acres farms. After researching the area thoroughly we found that the deeds to the initial dairy farm we found could not have been Anthony Jacob Henckel or Valentine Geiger’s farms because deeds researched did not match this property. Further research, which was helped by the Henckel Family Record, indicated that property was located just down the road from the farm looked at. This time the deeds matched up to statements that were made in the Henckel Family Record in1932.  The property is located 1.5 miles (“as the crow flies”),  due North, from New Hanover Lutheran Church and our extensive deed searches have verified that the land belonged to the Henckels and Geiger’s in 1718.

Our second site on the tour will be at New Hanover Evangelical Lutheran Church, in 1717, known as “Swamp Lutheran”. We will have a tour and presentation lead by the church’s long time Historian. Our next stop will be at New Hanover Lutheran pavilion for a picnic lunch.

After lunch a presentation will be made on the Henckel and Geiger properties. We will show everyone how we were able to locate the exact location of their farm after almost 300 years.  We will then visit the site of the farm and our member will be able to stand on the land where the Henckel Geiger house once stood.

From here we will go to a small village, Trappe, PA, to visit and tour Rev. Henry Melchoir Muhlenberg’s church which was built in 1742. The church is still in use and is virtually the same as it was in 1742. Our Historian, Greg Adamson, has been in many old churches across the country and told Gary and myself, that this was the most authentic and well preserved church he has ever seen.

Saturday evening, we will have a special guest speaker, who has uncovered documented historical information on Anthony Jacob Henckel and his family.  Greg, Gary, and myself were shocked at the sources he uncovered and needless to say had to research them for ourselves. All in our opinion have proved to be true because of their sources. We expect that the research that has been done will surprise you as much it has us!

Remember, that neither Anthony Jacob Henckel nor New Hanover Lutheran journals were ever found, so much of what we have read has been speculation and hearsay passed through almost 300 years. The information presented will help each of us to better understand what our forefathers and his family actually experienced when they arrived in what was called “The Swamp” in 1717.

DO NOT MISS THIS REUNION – Your Henckel Family History in America began here!

Richard Henkel, President


3 thoughts on “Henckel Family News”

  1. Thank you Richard for your quick and informative response. Do you live near Philly? Can you let me know the dates of the 2017 reunion so I can see if my sister and I are available. I do know that one of our Dad’s cousins from the South always said we were related to Stephen Foster (the famous American song writer) but we never knew more than that. I have no idea of what “branch” we would belong to. It is fun and exciting to learn of our family history. Sincerely, Kathy
    P.S. I am not very adept at computer workings so please excuse if I “mess up” as I am learning more about it every day. (My husband was a computer expert and I left all that stuff to him). Thanks.

  2. Hi Richard, My sister and I just discovered that Anthony Jacob Henkel is our great great great? grandfather and we are interested in the reunion in PA in 2017. I live in Yardley, PA so everytning is close . My sister is in Annopolis MD but comes to visit me often. We are both widowed and as of now do not belong to the Henkel Family Association. Could you please tell me he dates and cost of the 300 reunion. Must we be members to attend? We never even had a cousin so to discover that family is out there is so exciting!! I would appreciate any information you can give. Thank you so much, Kathy Henkel Larkin and Marilyn Henkel Pollock. My email is Squeelarkin@gmail.com

    • Hi ladies, I almost would bet that we are related just by the spelling of your name. I would assume you all are descendants through Branch V though John Justus, Jacob and Rev. Paul.
      From there we would only be guessing! Mine goes from Paul to both Rev. David and Dr. Solomon (my great grandparents wee 2nd cousins), then to Rev. P.C., Solomon David, Then David Socrates and Rebecca both Henkels, Tilden, and Frank S)

      I have written you an e-mail outlining the possible cost to the Reunion for you. Yes, you have to be a member to attend and that fee s I indicate is $10 each. You and read the rest in my e-mail. I hope you will come because I really would like to meet you, there are not many of us with the Henkel spelling as you probably know. Hinkle somehow became the Americanized version, Personally, I wished all of us were Henckel!!! Thanks for writing on our blog. Richard

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