Henckel Family News

The Reverend Anthony Jacob Henckel Family National Association


The “Henckel Family Association” and New Hanover Evangelical Lutheran Church would like to announce the completion of a Memorial to Reverend Anthony Jacob Henckel and his family, who came to America to pastor the “Swamp Lutheran Church” in 1717.


New Hanover Evangelical Lutheran Church – Built 1768 


Henckel Memorial at New Hanover Lutheran Church 2018

A Memorial service is being planned for September 2018 to dedicated  the Memorial. Details will follow as plans are made.





15 thoughts on “Henckel Family News”

  1. Wesley Dale Potter said:

    HI all! Though not a Henkle relation, several of my ancestors were on the Henkle Train of 1853. Have been collecting information about the Train for some time, and have posted to a Facebook Page: Henkle Train of 1853.


    Wes Potter

  2. Anthony Jacob Hinkle said:

    I’ve traced my line back to Rev. Anthony Jacob Henckel. In order, it goes:
    7x Grandfather: Rev. A.J. Henkel Sr
    6x Grandfather: Rev. Henkel Jr
    5x Grandfather: Michael Hinkle Sr
    4x Grandfather: Michael Hinkle Jr
    3x Grandfather: William Hinkle
    Great Great Grandfather: Elder John Hinkle
    Great Grandfather: John G. Hinkle
    Grandfather: Rondel Hinkle
    Father: Rabon Hinkle

    And my name is Anthony Jacob Hinkle.
    Which branch would that put me in? Thanks in advance!

  3. marylou halupa said:

    hello henckel family! i live in oregon and am part of the western branch assoc. this year our reunion is the same weekend as yours, and it will be at the oregon trail museum in baker city, oregon. i had wanted to go there for a long time, and a few years ago i had the opportunity. if you go, it will be well worth your time. since we don’t have an abundance of early henckel relics out here, this was so moving for me. i stood alone in the wagon ruts that brought our forebears here through much difficulty. i never expected what happened next. an emotional surge shot up from my feet and i cried for about 15 minutes. to know and feel where one comes from is an extremely personal and moving thing. i would hope that some of you eastern branch folks might be encouraged to come out and see our amazing oregon history!

    last year, our reunion was held in philomath, a small community just south and west of corvallis, or. many henckels settled there. we met at the museum, and got to go into the vaults to see relics of our ancestors; cradle, chairs,etc, as well as documents. it was all very moving.

    i wish you all a wonderful 2018 reunion!


    • I would love to see the Henkle memorabilia at The Oregon Trail Museum. I am sure all of your members will enjoy the Museum.

      Our Museum in Winchester will be about the Miller and Henkel Family relationship which started in abt. 1786, when Paul Henkel, Rev. Christian Streit , and Godfrey Miller met in Winchester for the first time. The relationships between three of them continue to today thru the marriages of Henkels and Millers, and the Grace Lutheran Church where Pastor Streit helped Rev. Paul Henkel to become an ordained Lutheran minister.

      Thank you for telling us about the Museum.

    • Jacquie Beveridge said:

      To Marylou,
      I believe I am also a descendant of Anthony Jacob Henckel. My 3rd great-grandmother was Phebe Hinkle who married John Anthony Ely Sr. I also live in Oregon and would love to connect with you and see if we can determine that we’re related!

    • Harlie Smith said:

      Interested in finding more information about the western branch reunion. Where can I find that information?

    • Wes Potter in Fairbanks, AK said:

      Though not part of the Henkle family, I had two generations of my ancestors with the Henkle Train of 1853 — The Goodlins and the Ullerys. I made a donation to the The Oregon Trail Museum years ago — there is a Goodlin and Ullery plaque, citing the Henkle Train of 1853 located outside the museum. Would love to discuss the 1853 Henkle Train with others!

  4. Vera Huffman Hayman said:

    Please send me hotel name, phone number and address. I couldn’t find link.

    • Our reunion was in New Hanover, PA in June 2017. I just checked our membership records and you have not been paying your annual dues which is required to receive our annual Newsletters. If you would like to rejoin to be eligible to get the Newsletters and attend reunion please send Robert Moore, PO Box 1399, New Market, VA 22844 a check made out to the Henckel Family Association for $10.

  5. Thank you Richard for your quick and informative response. Do you live near Philly? Can you let me know the dates of the 2017 reunion so I can see if my sister and I are available. I do know that one of our Dad’s cousins from the South always said we were related to Stephen Foster (the famous American song writer) but we never knew more than that. I have no idea of what “branch” we would belong to. It is fun and exciting to learn of our family history. Sincerely, Kathy
    P.S. I am not very adept at computer workings so please excuse if I “mess up” as I am learning more about it every day. (My husband was a computer expert and I left all that stuff to him). Thanks.

  6. Hi Richard, My sister and I just discovered that Anthony Jacob Henkel is our great great great? grandfather and we are interested in the reunion in PA in 2017. I live in Yardley, PA so everytning is close . My sister is in Annopolis MD but comes to visit me often. We are both widowed and as of now do not belong to the Henkel Family Association. Could you please tell me he dates and cost of the 300 reunion. Must we be members to attend? We never even had a cousin so to discover that family is out there is so exciting!! I would appreciate any information you can give. Thank you so much, Kathy Henkel Larkin and Marilyn Henkel Pollock. My email is Squeelarkin@gmail.com

    • Hi ladies, I almost would bet that we are related just by the spelling of your name. I would assume you all are descendants through Branch V though John Justus, Jacob and Rev. Paul.
      From there we would only be guessing! Mine goes from Paul to both Rev. David and Dr. Solomon (my great grandparents wee 2nd cousins), then to Rev. P.C., Solomon David, Then David Socrates and Rebecca both Henkels, Tilden, and Frank S)

      I have written you an e-mail outlining the possible cost to the Reunion for you. Yes, you have to be a member to attend and that fee s I indicate is $10 each. You and read the rest in my e-mail. I hope you will come because I really would like to meet you, there are not many of us with the Henkel spelling as you probably know. Hinkle somehow became the Americanized version, Personally, I wished all of us were Henckel!!! Thanks for writing on our blog. Richard

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