1) The Henckel Genealogy  by William S. and Minnie W.   Junkins

Only Available New From The Henckel Family Association, used books occasionally can be found on Amazon and other websites, they are selling for between $150 to $250 depending on condition!





The book outlines and discusses the seven branches of Anthony Jacob Henckel’s family, there is a branch for each of Anthony Jacob and Maria Dentzer Henckel’s seven children that lived to be adults. The book carries our  family lineage from the 1500’s through the 1930’s.  If your last name or any of your family members are Henckel, Henkel, Hinkle, Henkle, Hinkle, Geiger, , Kuhn, Apple, and hundreds more, then you are likely a descendant of the Rev. Anthony Jacob and Maria who arrived in America in 1717.

The book is a must read for anyone that is starting a genealogical study or just wants to know more about their lineage and family’s history.

We are the only source for new hard bound copies of “The Genealogy”.

The price of the book is $85.00, including shipping and handling.

Scroll down to the end of this page for ordering instructions.


2) The Autobiography and Chronological Life of         Reverend Paul Henkel (1754-1825)

On Sale now $30 including shipping & handling!!


The book is a fascinating account from the diaries and journals of the missionary travels of Rev. Paul Henkel and, his wife, Elizabeth Negeley Henkel. They traveled by horse and buggy through the mid-Atlantic states in the late 1700’s and early 1800’s. Their travels took them on trips to North Carolina where Paul was born, to Pendleton County, VA (now WVA) where he lived in his youth, and to Ohio, Tennessee, and Missouri where they helped to spread God’s word. Paul and Elizabeth’s home was in New Market, VA.  New Market was the center of their ministry and home to The Henkel Press which for over 150 years printed materials for many the Lutheran Churches across the country.

The diaries and journals of Reverend Paul Henkel were translated from German to English by Reverend William J. Finck, D.D. from 1935 – 1937; edited by Melvin L. Miller from 1991-1997; edited by Reverend Anthony Jacob Henckel Family National Association, Inc. Officers from 1999-2002; and published by Reverend Anthony Jacob Henckel Family National Association, Inc. in 2002.

Copies of this book are only available through the Association and there is a limited supply. Please see address and instructions for ordering below. Available for a limited time at $30.00, including handling and shipping. 


Book Ordering Instructions Only

The books, The Henckel Genealogy and The Autobiography and Chronological Life of Reverend Paul Henkel (1754 -1825) can be ordered by sending a note indicating which book that you would like to order with payment to:

J. Robert Moore, P.O. Box 1399, New Market, VA 22844-1399

Check should be made to: The Reverend A.J. Henckel Family National Assoc., Inc.

Be sure to include the address you would like the books to be shipped, if different from the address on your check!

34 thoughts on “Publications”

  1. Michael D. said:

    There’s a reference to “Gems of Henckel Memorabilia” in the ordering instructions, but there’s no description of it above. Is this item still available? If so, for how much?

  2. Harlie Smith said:

    I believe I am a descendent from branch V researched through myheritage

    Anthony Jacob Henckel 1668 – 1728
    Johann Justus Henckel 1706-1778
    Catherine Jane Biffle (Henckel) 1735 – 1803
    John Adam Biffle 1757 – 1850
    Goldman John Biffle 1796 – 1861
    James Monroe Biffle 1829 – 1912
    Sarah Matilda Turbyfill 1855 – 1938
    Bessie Mae Smith 1882 – 1937
    Earl W Smith 1917 – 1976
    Harlie Elza Smith 1949 –

    My immediate family has lived in California since the 1940’s after WW2. Both of my parents were born in Oklahoma, I would love to hear from anyone I am related to.

    • It appears that you definitely are a member of Branch V of our family, No doubt Catherine Henkle married Adam Biffle, according to The Henckel Genealogy they had a son John born ??? About all I can tell you from Genealogy. Your sources seem to be better than mine!

  3. Bob Roush said:

    Is the English-translation of the diary of Rev. Paul Henkel still available for purchase? He baptized many of my descendants at the Old Pine Lutheran Church in Mt. Jackson, VA, and later knew them in Mason County.
    Cordially Bob Roush

    • Book is still available.
      Go back to our website by Googling: Henckel Family Association. At top of page hit Tab marked Publications, scroll down and you will find book and ordering instructions at bottom of page.

  4. I was told it was in Pennsylvania this year and possibly Staunton next year. I live in Fishersville, between Staunton and Waynesboro. Wish I’d of paid more attention, I would have cleared my schedule so my family could attend. I will try to make the Pennsylvania Reunion if all goes well.

    • Sorry you could not attend, it was a great reunion featuring both Staunton and Waynesboro Henkel Sites, as well as, local attraction including Woodrow Wilson’s Birthplace and Museum and a Tour of downtown Staunton featuring Henkel Family sites including Paul Henkel and Family’s home site and 5 Henkel Doctors homes, and a visit and picnic to our Coiner cousins old Trinty Lutheran Church. We look forward to seeing you in New Hanover Pennsylvania June 16th thru 18th. The two featured sites are New Hanover Lutheran Church where Rev. Anthony Jacob Henckel and his family lived and worked upon arriving in America in September 1717 and The Daniel Boone Homestead where Daniel Boone was born and raised until his father, Squire Boone decided to move their family to North Carolina in 1750. Just happens that the Henckels and Boone’s moved to N.C. about the same time and had adjoining farms in what is now Mocksville, NC. They just might have been friends in PA as you will find out at the Reunion. We also have a surprise site that has just been uncovered. Richard

  5. Hello; how much is the 300th Anniversary medallion? (it doesn’t specify on this site) Thank You!
    I am a descendant of: Rev. Anthony Jacob Hinckel > Johann Justice Hinckel > Jacob Anthony Henkel Sr.> Jacob Titus Henkle Jr. > Asa Samuel Henkle > Clarinda D. Henkle > Bert Ray Lepley > Melvin J. Lepley

  6. Tammy Petruccelli said:

    Hello, I would love to get the book and join the membership and wish I could have gone to the reunion in Staunton! But living in Delaware outside of Philly, will surely love to be in Germantown next year. Since changed their format, some of my info may be incorrect but this is what I have.
    My Grandmother was Iva Elvira Hinkle
    GrGrandFather Charles L Hinkle
    GrGrGrandfather Ebenezer Hinkle
    3xGrGrandfather John & Winny Hinkle
    4xGrGrandfather Henry Dorathea Hinkle
    5xGrGrandfather George R & Anna Marie Hinkle
    6xGrGrandfather Anthonius Jacobus Henckel
    Want to check before joining and sending in the fee thank you

    • You are a Branch II Henckel, I just checked out Henry (Heinrich) Hinkle born January 19, 1801 in Henckel Genealogy, pg 87. I am sure you can confirm the rest of your lineage in the book. Check out Hinkletown, PA online and you can also learn about your heritage. Richard Henkel

    • Nancy Hart Battaglia said:

      Hi Tammy. I went to the reunion this past weekend and found out I am in Branch II as well. Of the 150 people attending, only three of us were from Branch II. So that makes us distant cousins. I live in Roswell, Georgia near Atlanta. Where are you?
      My family eventually ended up in Kentucky in 1798 after my great, great grandmother, Elizabeth Hinkle, married my great, great grandfather, William Hart, in Augusta County, Virginia in 1798. I look forward to hearing back from you.
      Nancy (Hart Battaglia)

  7. I would really like to buy this book, but I’m not sure my family is from the same line. I have traced my family back to William Lazarus Henkel and Nancy Randall or Randolph in Tazewell, Virginia circa late 1700s. I had been told as a child that we were descendants of Pocahontas and the Randolphs of Virginia are in her line, but some histories have her dying without issue. If my family is linked to yours, I very much want to purchase the book and become a member but if we are of a different line, then the book does me no good at all. I would greatly appreciate any information you might have about this line. Thanks so much.
    Betty Cyrus

  8. Patty Derrick said:

    Where do you get this
    “The Henckel Genealogy by Junkins and Junkins is the source for this type of information.”

    I’s like to buy it

  9. Patty Derrick said:

    LOOKING for the Connection of son to son Osbirn married Christina Hinkle

    Osbirn William Henry Walker 1799-1867**CONNECT son to John Walker PATRIOT 1748 ab-1829***
    His mother Elizabeth McCampbell Walker 1765-1840*** daughter of Samuel 1743-1804
    His wife Christian Clara Hinkle Walker 1803-1876** her Father William Henckel 1778 son of Jacob Henckel 1732
    Their daughter Susan Caroline Walker DeLapp**

    (NOTE Christina Henckel Walker’s Mother was Jane White daughter of Hugh White of Fishing Creek SC)
    (Jacob Henckel 1732 is from Spread Eagle Tavern in Lancaster PA and moved to Lincolnton NC with son William)
    I have all the information on Christian from her back to now an on the White’s….


  10. Patty Derrick said:

    Who has these sources as Documents on paper not just a reference… I believe this came from the bulletins written by Robert Hess

    1. Rev. Paul Henkel in 1785 received a letter from Jacob Hinkle of North Carolina: “He was my father’s first cousin and already an old man.” Rev. Paul Henkel says Rowan County, but in 1785 Lincoln joined Rowan, and this is the only Jacob Hinkle in North Carolina to fit the description.
    2. Joseph, son of Jacob, in a letter to [HG#527] Rev. David Henkel [son of Rev. Paul] calls him cousin.[21]

    States referenced as
    21. Melvin L. Miller, edit., “The Autobiography and Chronological Life of Reverend Paul Henkel” (Reverend Anthony Jacob Henckel Family National Association, 2002), Inc., 29.

    I am tying to get ahold of Robert HESS who used these in articles…
    Patty 302-542-0537

  11. Nola Elson said:

    Hello: Does anyone know if there is any information about the other 42 people that emigrated with Rev. Henkle in 1717 to Falkner’s Swamp? I am related to a Peter Conrad who owned land in Falkners Swamp and was a Deacon in the Lutheran church in 1717. I am running across information that says Rev. Henkle’s son-in-law, Valentine Gieger, was the first land owner and first settler in Falkner’s Swamp. I have found a description of Valentine’s land, which states it butts up to Peter Conrad’s land. So either Conrad bought at the same time, from Sprogell, or Peter Conrad was a land holder before Valentine. Would anyone have any further information or suggestions as to where I might look, online, for further emigration information or land information? Do you know where in Germany Anthony Jacob Henkle emigrated from? I’m thinking Peter Conrad would probably have been a neighbor, if he emigrated at the same time. Thank you for any help you might think of.
    Sincerely, Nola Elson, Bothell, WA 4-2-2016

    • Take a look at New Hanover Lutheran Church’s history. You will find that there were people living in the Falckner Swamp before 1717. Anthony Jacob Henckel was the 3rd pastor of the church which was founded around 1700.

  12. Debbie Manwaring said:

    At one time, I thought I had read on this website that pamphlets for each branch of the Henckel family were available. I would be looking for the sixth branch. Do you have any of these available?

    • We do not have pamphlets on the Branches of our family. The Henckel Genealogy by Junkins and Junkins is the source for this type of information. It outlines each Branch up until the 1930’s, so you will need to know a relative born prior to then to find your lineage. In my case my dad was born in 1923 so it was fairly easy.

      The books are available. as you probably noticed under publications.


  13. Teresa Whitesell said:

    Hi, I’m interested in joining and ordering the “Big Red Book”. The information above mentioned a membership and book combo but didn’t see any order information. My great-grandmother was Neta Weston Henkel and is the great-great-great-great-granddaughter of Anthony Jacob. I look forward to becoming a member and hope to be at the reunion. I live in Staunton. So glad I found this website. Teresa Whitesell

  14. Susan Hinkle said:

    Just curious. My husband and his family appear in the big “Red” book (of which we have a copy from his grandfather, Grover J. Hinkle). We noted some missing and erroneous information. How might we present corrections that may be included in future printings (obviously not for the printing coming up in the next month or two)?

    • We have no control over the contents of the book and cannot correct mistakes in it. I recent found a similar problem by accident. However, my families history is extensively covered and right on! Thanks for your comment.

  15. Any copies left? My ggreat grandmother was Rebecca Henkel Funkhouser..

    • The Henckel Genealogy by Junkin and Junkin is currently out of stock. It will be printed again in February and available for shipment in March. I will post it on this website when
      I have an exact date for shipment so you can pre-order.

      There are no other legitimate sources for the book other than our Association. Sometimes there are used copies on Amazon and other places at ridiculous prices, usually over $200, that are in very poor shape.

      If you are not a member of our association, we would like to have you as a member. Our next Reunion is in Staunton-Waynesboro, VA – June 18,19,20. I grew up there and had a couple of friends that were Funkhousers!

      Richard Henkel

      • Robert Woodson Yates said:

        We are planning to be at the 2016 family reunion in Staunton. Temperance Valentine Hinkle is Rob’s Great Grandmother. We know so very little of the Hinkle family, only what we find on Ancestry so are really excited about the reunion.
        Beverly Yates

      • Beverly, we look forward to seeing you and Rob at the Henckel Family Reunion in Staunton, VA June 17, 18, 19. I am sure that you will learn more about your Henckel side of rob’s family at the Reunion.
        I look forward meeting you and seeing any of the relevant information you have collected from Hope you have used our tips on finding out which Branch of our family Rob is decedent from that are available on this website.

  16. Are there any copies left to buy? My great great grandmother was Rebecca Henkel Funkhouser

  17. Lynnette Kay Patterson ( Sullivan) said:

    I am a descendent of the Anna Eulalia Dentzer (1640-1700 )>
    Anthony Jacob Rev Henckel (1668-1728)>
    Jacob Antonius Hinkle Henckel(1709-1750)>
    Anthony Jacob Hinkle III (1735-1814)>
    Nathan Hinkle(1759-1848)>
    Phoebe Hinkle (1809-1894)>
    Louisa Ann Hail (1838-1925)>
    Mary Maria Story ( 1869-1944)(my Grandmother)>
    Elmer Julian Patterson (1903-1981)(my father)>
    Lynnette Kay Patterson (Sullivan) (1945- current).

    Was Rev Paul Henkel a son of AJ Hinkle III ( 1735-1814)??

    Email address: lynnetteksullivan@
    Thanks in advance before I decide to purchase the book
    Lynnette K Patterson-Sullivan

  18. is the book still available?

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