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Note: We do not do genealogy work, so please do not asked us for help on your family tree.  The Henckel Genealogy by Junkin and Junkin can lead you to the Henckel side of your family back to the 1500’s.  It is an interesting journey for you to take through those many years, it does take time, but it is well worth it as our members have learned.

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  1. I’m a descendant of Isaac Harmon and Christina Henckel. I am interested in purchasing the books, “The Autobiography and Chronological Life of Reverend Paul Henckel”, and “The Reverend Anthony Jacob Henckel Family”. Please let me know if these books are avilable for purchase, as I want to buy both if possible. Thank you.

    Judy Kofahl

  2. Pamela Yount Frinzi said:

    Do you know where I can view a copy of the Henckel Genealogical Bulletin Spring 1982? They supposedly have a translated( German to English) copy of Nicholas Yundt’s will. (His mother was a Henkel). Family Search has copies of the 70’s bulletins but couldn’t find this one.

  3. Candy Garrison said:

    Hi. In the Henckel records, is there any more information on the maiden name if Elizabeth that married Abraham Eschmann who were the parents of Maria Magdalena Eschmann who married John Justus Hinkle. I am seen in researching maybe her last name was Hessert, Dentzer, Bagnall or Ellis. They were referred to as a Swiss-German couple so I feel It wouldn’t be Bagnall or Ellis for that reason. I found a marriage record for Hessert in Germany so also saw where Maria was born in Germany which strongly emphasizes her patents were German born. Do you have any more records. Thanks

  4. Terry Landreth said:

    Hi, Through DNA I have been putting my family line together. I recently found that I am connected to this Hinkle line. I do have a question regarding this connection. My ancestor had a child with a part Cherokee Indian. I am not sure if she was a captive or his wife.
    Her name Margaret Hinkle born 1775, had a child with James Martin. James Martin was son of Brig General Joseph Martin and Betsy Ward(She was Cherokee and the daughter of the beloved woman of the Cherokee Nancy Ward)
    Margarets father Michael Hinkle 1740-1790; Mother Rebecca Spurgeon 1757-1787 (She is a distant cousin to the great preacher Spurgeon)
    Michael Hinkle was son of Jacob Henckel 1709-1751 and Anna Geiger 1711-1800
    Jacob Hencle was the son of Jacob Henckel 1668-1728 and Maria Dentzer.

    Does anyone have information regarding this line? Thanks for reading….

    I have done DNA on Ancestry and my DNA is on gedmatch. On ancestry you can search for my name and I am the only one with a photo.

    • charlba said:

      I am a descendant Capt. John Skidmore and Mary Magdalena (daughter of John Justus and Magdalena (Eschmann) Hinkle.
      Branch Seven.
      I have both Capt. John Skidmore and John Justus as two patriots In DAR. and through this connection I have four connections to this line. One being my Dentist who descends from the Joseph and Agnes (Caldwell) Skidmore line.
      My DNA also shows a connection to the Cherokees. I have a Great Grandmother who was the daughter of Cornstalk. Who knows there are probably more connections the the Henkel’s that I have not discovered as yet.

  5. Jennifer Seelig said:

    I have recently discovered Jacob Henkel & Mary Barbara Tete are my relatives, I am in the process of working with the DAR to finish my paperwork, I would appreciate if I could get information on reunions and the books regarding the family

    • Hi Jennifer, Check all the tabs on our website. I believe we have sold out all of out Big Red Book/ Henckel Genealogy books, but they can be found in several public libraries in Winchester, VA and some universities as reference. You may be able to find it used online. Blessings, Rev. Gary Boston, VP

    • Jennifer, Mary Barbara Teter Hinkle is an established DAR patriot Ancestor A132743. Jacob is not. DAR will not accept The Henckel Genealogy is digitized and available at Heritage Quest. Your local library may have a portal using your library card. DAR will not accept this book a source. Let me know if you need help with your DAR application. Nedra

  6. Shazzy W. said:

    Hello!! I have recently discovered my Henckel lineage. I followed the instructions on the site and I sent a check a couple of weeks ago for Reverend Paul’s autobiography. I have not received the book, nor has my check been cashed. I was just wondering if there was any way to get a status update. Thanks so much!! ☺️

  7. Andrew Lantz said:

    I would like some information on joining the association and information on the next reunion. My line runs like this…

    Rev. Anthony Henckel
    John Justice Hinkle
    Abraham Hinkle
    Phoebe (Hinkle) Lantz m. Joseph Lantz
    Levi Lantz m. Mary Jane Thompson
    Elonzo Lantz m. Laura McDonald
    Gerald Lantz
    Donald Lantz
    Jerry Lantz
    Andrew Lantz

    • Hi Andrew, We will be visiting the family graveyard where John Justice is buried as part of this years (2022) reunion over Fathers Day weekend. Click the tab on our website for instructions for joining and attending the reunion.
      Blessings, Rev. Gary Boston, VP

  8. Marti DeCoste said:

    I love all the history I’m learning! My 6th Great Grandparents are Maria Magdalena Eschmann and John Justus Henckel. Susannah is my 5th Great Grandmother. The line follows my mothers maternal side from West Virginia. I’ll have to join the group! I plan on stopping by the Fort monument on the way to Mooresville, NC where my mom now lives.

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  10. The Henckel Genealogy is available in digital form at Heritage Quest. Check your local library for an online portal to this web site. Remember that this was published 66 years ago and more pages of corrections and additions have been published than are in the original book. Also, the Rev. Anthony Jacob Henckel was only one of 30+ 18th century immigrants named Henckel.

  11. laura hinkle said:

    hello, my name is david w Hinkle and I am related through Jacob Henkel directly by his father and him. My ancestors are george Hinkle, henry Hinkle, john Hinkle,,Ebenezer Hinkle and others down to me. My daughter in law is tracing our lineage and would appreciate the information you have on that lineage. I have traced the Hinkle line back to the Count Henkel von Poltzieg chaplain to Queen Marie of Hungary. Also of note is that we discovered that sometime during the 30 year war the Henkel(Hinkle, etc) was given a curse that was to last 15 generations. I don’t know the validity of this but it is an interesting anecdote .please respond to laurahinkle thanks

    • Nedra D Brill, Certified Genealogist and past Henckel genealogist said:

      Linda, not to burst your bubble, however, the lineage is certainly not documented back to Hungary. In fact, the most popular ancestor was a Catholic priest so this seems doubtful. The Hungarian research has been published. Are your ancestors the line from Union County, Illinois, that includes these names? If so, Y-DNA has proven that they are related to the later immigrant Philip Hinkle but not to the Reverend.

      • marion (Budd) Robinson said:

        I have lost contact with the Henkel’s family of Frankfurt am Main Germany. Herr Henkels was my wife’s supervisor between Nov 1973 to jun 1974 at the US Army’s Transportation Motor Pool #1 near the 97th General Hospital. We are attempting to add more information in the areas of our family biography. at least a starting point. Hope there is some small lead so we can move forward.

  12. Sandy Ludwin said:

    I am related as follows:
    Sandra Klueh Ludwin
    Charles Klueh and Shirley Hinkle
    Russell Breckinridge Hinkle and Effa Todd Crouch
    Tilford Hinkle and Mary Emma Sparks
    William Denman Hinkle (Henkle) and Mary F Shannon
    William Hinkle (Henkle) and Amelia Highland
    Joseph Henkle and Jane Eberman
    Jacob Henkle and Barbara Teter (Dieter)
    John Justus Henckel and (Maria) Magdalene Bachmann
    Rev Anthony Jacob Henckel and Maria Elizabeth

    Does anyone else have any verification of this line?

  13. Mark Miller said:

    My name is Mark Miller. I am descended from John Justus Henckel which makes me a Branch V, correct? I am also a direct descendant of John Justus’ sons Jacob and Isaac AND Abraham IF his wife was Mary Catherine Teter versus Mary Catherine Miller. I just wrote the check for membership tonight and will be purchasing a copy of the genealogy book soon. In the meantime, I have not been able to find anything definitive on the maiden name of Abraham’s wife. So I am quite curious, has the question of his wife’s maiden name, Teter or Miller, been resolved? Thank you!

    • Hi Mark, You just missed the Miller connection reunion in Winchester, VA, we had a great time and visited historic locations and had many family relics displayed at the Dr. Miller House. The Henckel Press is on display at the Museum of the Shenandoah Valley, Winchester. We had a demonstration of how it worked during our visit. Hope to see you over Father’s Day weekend in Frederick, MD, for our 2019 reunion. As a member you will be getting details via an email letter of the planned arrangements.

      • Nedra Brill said:

        Documentation for the wife of Abraham Henkle was published in the Henckel Genealogical Bulletin by the original editor Mary Harter.

    • Mark Miller said:

      Nedra, thank you very much. How do I gain access to the correct Bulletin? I have seen references to various volumes of the Bulletin online.

      • Nedra Brill CG said:

        1800+ pages of additions and corrections to The Henckel Genealogy and records on other Hinkle lines were published in the Bulletin over 45 years, always independent of any Henckel family association–there are several. Publication ceased in 2014. You can contact me directly at Please include specifics–every colonial Henckel immigrant had multiple descendants named George, John and Phillip and unfortunately there is no factual database online. Thank you for your interest.

      • Mark Miller said:

        Nedra, in case it gets redirected to your Junk folder this is a quick note to let you know I just emailed, as requested. Thank you again, very much.

  14. Martha Prescher said:

    I found a copy of a Henckel Memorial book online at It was published in 1910 by A. Stapleton. Is the book offered on this site a more updated version of Henckel history? I plan to purchase the association book soon.
    Also, I joined the association, but I’m not sure if my membership has expired. Can anyone tell me if I need to renew?

  15. Katharine Dodson said:

    I am so excited to have found this site. My name is Katharine Sophie (Davis)Dodson. I live in Missouri. Jacob Henckel and his wife Maria Dentzer Henckel are my 8×great grandparents on my Dad’s side. I am descended through his son Jacob and wife Anna Margaret ? Henckel.

    • Katharine Dodson said:

      I should add that my paternal grandfather (Burrel Davis Sr.) mother was Jennie Hopkins, daughter of Robert Hopkins and Elizabeth Hinkle Hopkins, who was the daughter of William Hinkle (wife unknown), who was the son of Nathaniel Hinkle and wife Rebecca Medford, who was the son of Anthony Hinkle 3rd and Maria Magdalena Zwerker(sp), who was the son of Jacob Anthony Henckel and wife Anna Margaret, who was the son of Anthony Jacob Henckel and Maria E. Dentzer.

      • Nedra Brill CG said:

        The wife of Nathaniel Hinkle was Rebecca Ledford, not Medford. She is named in her father’s will. Two articles were published on this Nathaniel in the Henckel Genealogical Bulletin.

      • Katharine Dodson said:

        I’m sorry. That was a typo error on my part.

  16. John W. Harman said:

    Mr Henkel,

    Recently discovered this website and reading many of the comments above, I wanted to reach out and start a dialogue with you. By way of introduction, my name is John W. Harman and my connection to the Henkel Family comes from the line (Likely Branch V…) tied to the marriage of Isaac Harman and Christina Hinkle (daughter of Jacob Henkle and Mary Barbara Teter Henkle) in the late 1770s — multiple spellings.

    From the Harman-Harmon genealogy book published by my great-grandfather (same name — John William Harman) in 1928, Harman Genealogy (Southern Branch) by John Newton Harman in 1925, and the Henckel Genealogy by Junkin which I found in the DAR, I have been able to establish a firm line from me back to Henkels. While I don’t require much genealogical support from you or the association, I’m trying to find any source documentation / records in the Henkel archives which supports the contents of these genealogy books; particularly those tied to Isaac and Christina. If not, perhaps you could point me in the direction of someone who can. From my on-line research, I believe I have located the cemeteries in Pendleton and Grant Counties, WV, where many of these ancestors are buried, but will require more research in the respective county offices or historical societies.

    Certainly look forward to further discussions and, if we meet the criteria, possibly joining the association in the future. I appreciate your time and feedback.

    Very respectfully,

    John Harman

    • Char Affeldt said:

      Hello Hinkle Relatives ! This new site is beautiful, it is interesting to check in once in awhile. Happy Hunting and have a Great Day.

  17. Martha Howells said:

    I just found this site. Wonderful! I have Hinkel on both sides of my family. Only recently did we discover they were two different families. One, my paternal grandmother, had Hinkle as a surname . Henrietta Mussina Hinkle. Her whole family was Hinkle’s. And, they purchased the red book , as an ad came to Hinkles to buy it. Well, they aren’t the right ones. We just found out they are from .Philip Hinkle on the Phoenix in 1749. BUT, my greatgrandmother on my maternal side is in the family. Bracket VI: Amanda Elizabeth Hinkle married David Peter Forney, and that small piece stayed in Hanover, Pennsylvania even today. Kind of died out.
    I will be joining your association, and I hope there are enough copies of the autobiography for me to purchase one.

    • I just checked Branch VI in the Henckel Genealogy and your family is definitely a descendant of Rev. Anthony Jacob Henckel. Branch VI indicate you are a member of his son Jacob Anthony Hinkle’s line.

      We look forward to having you and your family to our “Association” as new members.

  18. Brenda Murphy said:

    What happened to the records for St. Michaels in Phildelphia now that’s it left to the disintegration of time?
    I believe it closed recently.

    • The Southern PA Seminar is just down the street and has any important records that are associated with the church.

      The church and parsonage has been sold to a local business. The church and schoolin the basement will be ised as offices. The outside of the church can not be modified because it is on the NationalHistoric Register. The Parsonage will be made into condos. The cemetery will remain in the hands of the Southeran PA Synod and be maintained by them. A fund from the proceeds of the sale has been set to keep the cemetery up. A high chain link fence was recently installed around the cemetery to redice vandalism.

      The Henckel Family Association has followed and been pro-active in the process since the church was closed in 2017.

  19. harold hinkle said:

    what is the location of the hinkle’s fort ?

  20. Courtney McCollum said:

    Did the 2017 reunion happen? I guess I thought I would receive a postcard about it or it would be mentioned on this website and I would see it as I had wanted to attend and bring my mother. I’m so sorry to have missed it.
    I am a member and did receive one newsletter, but I guess I thought more info would have been provided regarding the reunion.

    • Yes, the 2017 Reunion was in New Hanover, PA. Other than a mistake on our part or you not being a member, you must pay your annual dues of $10 to Robert Moore, PO Box 1399, New Market, VA 22844. I just checked our membership roll and you are not listed as a member, that means that you have not been paying your annual dues and were purged from our membership file. This is why you did not receive your 2 Newsletters last year. Please send a check t Robert Moore at the above address for $10 if you would like to be reinstated as a member.

  21. Joseph Christopher Hinkle said:

    We spent years trying to trace back past a Harvey Hinkle around 1812 in Virginia and kept failing. About a year ago, my uncle found a woman from another branch who managed to do so. Her tree intertwined with ours somewhere along the line and managed to trace is back to the Reverend Anthony Jacob. But never in my life would I had expected to see this site. This is truly amazing. Just when I thought our family was in danger of extinction (many untimely deaths took some anc store out before they could help the tree grow) I find this. Our dwindling branch is but a twig amongst a large thriving tree spread all over. I am truly amazed to find this and can’t find the proper words to explain how truly awesome it is to see this website and hope to somehow, someway meet you all.

    • Your comment really made my day! I am the one that started the website back in 2014 and to date we have had almost 50,000 views. I went through almost the same thing as you did, I could not find much about the Henckel side of my family either, although I was lucky because my father had left me The Henckel Genealogy by Junkin and Junkin. I contacted a local genealogist and he had heard of the Henckel Family Association because his wife was a decendant of the Henckel family. He said he could never find it, so I went on a hunt on-line to find it, to help me with my research. After 6 months I found the Association by contacting another genealogist, who lived in Oregon, who I read about on-line. I contacted her and she directed me to the President of the Association and I signed up as a member and attended my first reunion in 2012. After attending, I decided to do this website to help Henckel descendants to find help in tracing their roots. The website has been running since 2014 and has helped many people like yourself connect with members of their extended families. I hope you will become a member because we need to keep the Association going for another 100 years. Thank you for making my day. Richard Henkel, President – “The Henckel Family Association”

  22. harold hinkle said:

    hello from indiana. nancy and i will be attending the 2017 reunion. we will be camping at frenchcreek sp at elverson,pa..need info on events concerning reunion and contact phone# to confirm our attending events. i am from the 6th branch. thank you, harold m. hinkle….newport,in……8122303686

    • Harold:

      If you joined prior to 2/15, you should have received a Newsletter tell you how to attend the Reunion. I will email you a Newsletter in case you did not get the Newsletter in a few minutes. To attend you will have to fill out the form attached and explained in the letter and send it to our Treasurer as explained. I look forward to meeting you at the Reunion. Richard Henkel

  23. Very interesting Henckel Family Tree! I too have Henckel’s on two sides of my family tree. My Great Grandfather and Grandmother were 2nd cousins. You obviously are a Branch V on both sides as I am.

    Hope you will join our “Association” and be able to attend our 300th Anniversary, 2017 Reunion in Pennsylvania where all our Branches come together.

    Richard Henkel

    • Gigi Hudnall said:

      Absolutely! Looking forward to it!!!

    • ghudnall said:

      Absouutely! Looking forward to it!!!

      • ghudnall said:

        Also, my first cousin, Irv Magri (his mom, June Parker Magri, and my dad, Guy Allen Parker, Jr. were siblings) is very interested and excited to come. He is not as computer savvy, but I will get him on this site!!!

  24. ghudnall said:

    Hi Hinkles! Well, I believe I have figured out how I am related… twice! Gotta love those inter-marrying relations!

    Here is the first way:
    Anthony Jacob Henckel Reverend (1668 – 1728) – 7th great-grandfather

    Johann Justus Henckel Sr. (1706 – 1778) – 6th Great Grandfather
    son of Anthony Jacob Henckel Reverend

    Jacob Anthony Henkel (1733 – 1779) – 5th Grat Grandfather
    son of Johann Justus Henckel Sr.

    Moses Henkle (1757 – 1827) – 4th Great Grandfather %%%%%%%%%
    son of Jacob Anthony Henkel
    ****************************************************** Here is where it gets interesting!

    Sampson Henkle (1801 – 1852) – 3rd Great Grandfather
    son of Moses Henkle

    Amelia Fleming Hinkle (1833 – 1947) – Great, Great Grandmother
    daughter of Sampson Henkle

    Charles Marion Parker (1866 – 1962) – Great Grandfather
    son of Amelia Fleming Hinkle

    Guy Allen Parker (1895 – 1977) – Grandfather
    son of Charles Marion Parker

    Guy Allen Parker Jr (1926 – 2002) – Father
    son of Guy Allen Parker

    Georgiene Marie “Gigi” Parker Hudnall —————————-Me!
    You are the daughter of Guy Allen Parker Jr

    But then there is also this:
    Moses Henkle (1757 – 1827) – 5th Great Grandfather %%%%%%%%%%%%
    son of Jacob Anthony Henkel

    Jesse (Col.) Hinkle (1780 – 1821) – 4th great-grandfather
    son of Moses Henkle

    Margaret Ann Hinkle (1803 – 1894) – 3rd Great Grandmother
    daughter of Jesse (Col.) Hinkle

    Amelia Fleming Hinkle (1833 – 1947) – Great, Great Grandmother
    daughter of Margaret Ann Hinkle

    Charles Marion Parker (1866 – 1962) – Great Grandfather
    son of Amelia Fleming Hinkle

    Guy Allen Parker (1895 – 1977) – Grandfather
    son of Charles Marion Parker

    Guy Allen Parker Jr (1926 – 2002) – Father
    son of Guy Allen Parker

    Georgiene Marie “Gigi” Parker Hudnall ——————————Me again!
    You are the daughter of Guy Allen Parker Jr

    It appears that Margaret Ann Hinkle (1803-1894) married her father’s younger brother, Sampson Hinkle (her Uncle!). So Rev, Anthony Jacob Hinkle is both my 7th AND 8th Great-Grandfather! I guess that means I am definitely part of the family!!!

    I want to come to the big reunion next year! So happy to find you all!

    -Gigi Parker Hudnall

  25. Harold Michael hinkle said:

    Need contact person and phone # for western branch of Henkel association…..thanks Mike Hinkle….Newport,in….8122303686

  26. Carolynn Hinkle Moore said:

    John Hinkle 1773-1832 buried in Hall GA is as far back as I have been able to trace my Hinkle line. Recently I found a DNA match to a person who has a William Hinkle born ca 1760 in their line, but we have no common ancestors. I am wondering if William Hinkle could be a brother of John Hinkle. This is the first clue I have gotten regarding my Hinkle line. One other thing about William Hinkle, he supposedly came from Ireland. I know there were some Germans who emigrated to Ireland at one point, but they did not assimilate and kept their German culture. Thanks for any help.

  27. Lonnie R. Totten said:

    Hello, I am from the Georg Rudolphus Henckel branch. The family that moved to Frederick Co., MD. His granddaughter Anna Margreth married Casper Rine, whose son William Rine moved to Coshocton Co., Ohio about 1815. I have seen some sites that say our ancestor Anna Eulala (Dentzer) Henckel was a descendant of Martin Luther through her mother’s line, the Wagner family. Can anyone confirm or deny? Our family has many branches here in Knox and Coshocton Counties in Ohio, Glad to be part of the Henckel (Hinkle) family.
    Mr. Lonnie R. Totten

  28. Charleta Beebe Affeldt said:

    Yes, I am a interested in updating the lineage of my family, to the Henckel /Henkel/Hinkle family. I have Justus Henckel Sr. as one of my Revolutionary Ancestors in DAR. He is my 5th great grandparent. His daughter, Mary Magdalena Henckle and John Skidmore are my 4th great grandparents. My parents and I are listed in, The Henckel Genealogy by William Sumner Junkin and Minnie Wyatt Junkin.

  29. Jennifer Smith said:

    Glad I found this site. Anthony Henckel is the 11th great grandparent to my grandmother, Helen Marie Felix Smith(my father’s mother). Catharine Hinkle is her 3rd great grandparent. And of course John Justus Henkel is her 4th grandparent. John Justus Henkel lived in Manheim township. I live in Hanover, Pa. Manheim is only few minuters away from me. John is buried the same place where my grandmother was buried at Mt.Olivet

  30. Jennifer Kaawaloa said:

    Wow, this is amazing! I was born and raised on the Big Island of Hawaii. While dabbling in family history for years I was always more interested in my fathers side of the family (the Hawaiian side). I can’t believe everything I’ve found since looking into my mothers side. She’s from California but once I clicked on her grandfather everything started branching out by itself. I’m related to a Sarah Hinkle who’s great grandfather was a Anthony Jacob Henckle. I’ve put so much time and effort into my dads side of the family and it’s still looks pretty lame lol.
    It looks like an entire group of Angels did my moms side for me:) I’m feeling very blessed right now, mahalo to anyone and everyone who contributed to all this information. You rock!!!

  31. We all look forward to meeting you and other members of your family!! Richard

  32. Richard Alan Smith – Being a direct descendant of George Rudolph Henckel makes you a Branch IV Henckel. We really need new Branch IV members in the Henckel Family Association. Noticed that George and his wife lived around Frederick, MD. Their 7 children grew up there and married and settled in the area. It would be a great spot for a Henckel Family Reunion in the future! Please consider becoming a member of our Association. Richard Henkel

    • Richard Alan Smith said:

      Thank you for your information. My Father, Lt. Colonel Harold Henkel Smith was a past member. I think my Sister, Sharon Smith Hayes and her Husband, Robert D. Hayes are current members, who live in California, Maryland. Also, I will send this information to my Brothers, Charles Gregory Smith and Harold Henkel Smith, Jr., as well as, his Son, Harold Henkel Smith III. I will more than likely join. Again, Thank you Richard Henkel.

  33. Any knowledge of descendants of this Hinkle family making it to New Mexico? My Grandfather was Warren Hinkle. Born 1911 in East Grand Plains, NM and passed away 1987 in Roswell, NM.

    • Hi TC Hinkle Here (look at the post listed above yours). Am in los Indios TX now. Am retired and traveling now. Planning on being in Rowell NM from 04/15/15 through 05/15/15. feel free to drop me a line.

  34. Angela Marie Walker said:

    We are hoping someone can help us….How can we find the real image of the Henckel coat of arms? My grandfather had several very old journals and one of the journals had the crest in it. From my understanding these journals were passed down from generations in the family, my aunt the youngest of his children received them after the passing of my grandfather. However, unfortunately, she passed 4 yrs ago unexpectedly and her two sons are going through her items to try to locate them. We will take a trip east of TN in a few months (where she moved to several yrs ago) to help locate them. Several family members – uncles, aunts, mom, dad, cousins, etc. have seen and read some of the old journals over the years We are Hinkles located currently in Tennessee and have a lineage to the ancestor of Anthony Jacob Henckel. Currently until we locate the journals we were trying to find a copy of the original crest that is in the old journals that have been missed placed. If we see the image I was told some of the family can confirm if it was the one in our journals. We appreciated any information that you can provide and help us with. As same as you, we are devoted to preserving the heritage of our family, I’m the second youngest generation currently and want to carry the history of the stories told to me throughout my life and info down to my children. My name is Angela.

    • I Live in Ohio and my father was from The Riverton WV. The Germany Valley area. Have researched the family and tracked my family back to Ludwig Henckel 1535. I really do not think we have a cost of arms. The ones I have found are spelled.
      “Henckel von Donnersmarck” and “Henkel” (original spelling From what I can find out) You can find the history of these coats of arms on line, and even though we may be related to the people who have these ( Distantly). It Looks like Neither Ludwig Henckel or his decendents have a Coat of arms. But If I am wrong anyone Please feel free to message me and let me know. Would Love to have a Family Coat of arms!

      • nedrabrill said:

        TC, the proven ancestry of the Rev AJH only goes back to Matthaus, grandfather of Rev. AJH. The most recent research with documentation was published in the Henckel Genealogical Bulletin, Vol 42, Spring 2011. We most likely are not descended from the Henckel von Donnersmarck from Hungary, a Catholic priest.

    • Richard Alan Smith said:

      My Father was Lt. Colonel Harold Henkel Smith, USA, retired (1918-2002). His Mother was Anna Louise Henkel (1892-1978). Her Father was Daniel Grove Henkel (Henkle) (1844-1906). His Father was John Troxel Henkel (Henkle) (1810-1882). His Father was John Henkle (Hinkel) (1765-?). My name is Richard Alan Smith the youngest of four siblings. I have a Henkel Coat of Arms presently hanging on the wall that was my Father’s and hung in my Grand Mother’s house, Anna Louise Henkel Smith in Romney, WV. I can make a photo copy of it at Staples and send it by mail. My flatbed scanner no longer works because HP no longer makes the software. I am not certain of the origin but it is hand lettered.

      • Richard Alan Smith said:

        I found some more information about the above post of mine. Daniel Grove Henkel was married to Eugenia Gertrude Cavalier. Captain John Troxell Henkel was married to Mary Virginia Swagler. John Henkel was married to Barbara Troxell. His Father was George Rudolph Henkel and his wife was Elizabeth Grove. His Father was Jacob Anthony Henkel (Henckel).

  35. Linda Jarvis said:

    This is cool.
    Anthony Henkel is my husbands 6th great grandfather…from his daughter maria C who married Johann G. Grass–Jacob Grass—William GRASS–William H Grass—Mary Grass—Madeline Shanks–Robert Jarvis–Stephen husband we live in New Brunswick Canada…

    I would like to order the family history book. can you tell me the cost to send to Saint John, New Brunswick Canada

    Thanks Linda Jarvis

    • Linda, please send more information on Johann Grass and wife Maria C. Henkel–dates, places? The husband of Maria, daughter of the Rev. AJH has long been a mystery. Nedra

    • nedrabrill said:

      Linda, please post more information about Johann G. Grass and his wife Maria C. The husband of the Rev. AJH’s daughter Maria has long been a mystery. Nedra

  36. Johnny Hughey said:

    We are so excited to find this web site. We are decendents of the Henkel Family and have been trying to fnd out how to become members of the association. We are planning now to join and be at the next Reunion in Conover and Hickory N C which is our home town.

    • Sandy Henkel said:

      My husband is also a descendant of the Henkels in Catawba County. Please let us know when this reunion is.

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