The Reverend Anthony Jacob Henckel Family National Association was founded to record and perpetuate this important American Family’s history from its roots in Germany until today. Read on and join your family to find out how your lineage has helped to formulate our place in American history.

Note: The Association does not do genealogical research.

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  1. John Anthony Hinkle said:

    Very interested to see if I fall into this geneology. Will be ordering the Henckel Geneology book. Thank you.

  2. Thank you for a great website and connections. I will be a member soon.

    My name is Steven Todd Hinkle, I am a descendant and from what I can tell thus far, my lineage includes:

    Steven Todd Hinkle 1968 –
    Glen Edward Hinkle 1941 – 2015
    Harold Eugene Hinkle 1908 – 1992
    Archilaus Hinkle 1876 – 1954
    Antony Hinkle 1852 – 1920
    Jehu Hinkle 1801 – 1880
    Jonas Hinkle 1781 – 1857
    Abraham Henkle 1749 – 1815
    John Justus Henkle 1706 – 1778
    Antonius Jacoby Henckle1668 – 1728
    Georg Herbert Henckle 1635 – 1678
    Matthias Henckle 1605 – 1696
    Caspar Henckle 1576 – 1651
    Ludwig Henckle 1535 – 1627
    Anthony Jacob Henckle 1499 – 1591
    Georg Henckel 1456 – 1503
    Johann Henckel 1393?
    Jakob de Henckel 1363 – 1417
    Peter Henkel de Quintoforo 1333?
    Henkel de Quintoforo

    • Nice to hear that you like our website. You are a Branch V Henckel, that is, you fall under the John Justice Henckel line. We look forward to having you as a member of our “Association” and getting to meet you at a reunion in the future. Richard Henkel

      • Natalie Oliphant McKamey said:

        I believe that Georg Herbert Henckel is my 8th or 9th great grandfather. My mother was a Hinkle, her father was Warren Leslie Hinkle of North Carolina. I’ll do some digging and post again, but I’m very happy to find this website! And thank you, Steve (above), for posting! That gives me some leads! I haven’t seen anything that far back! Wow! Natalie Oliphant McKamey

    • Stephen Hinkle said:

      Steve, My name is Stephen Hinkle and my family splits from yours at the Rev. Antonius Jacoby Henckel. My 9th Great Grandfather was Johann Gerhardt Anthony Henckel (Hinkle). Then goes on to:

      John Hinckle 1730 – 1780
      John Hinkle Sr. 1755 – 1828
      Jacob Hinkle 1785 – 1872
      Christian K. Hinkle 1813 – 1899
      Amos K. Hinkle 1839 – 1903
      John Amos Hinkle 1866 – 1950
      Howard John Hinkle 1891 – 1966
      Alvin V. Hinkle 1924 – 1986
      Kenneth H. Hinkle 1950 – Present

      • Stephen, There likely is a problem with some dates or names. Rev. A.J. Henckel died in 1728 and is buried at St. Michael’s Lutheran Church, Germantown (Philadelphia),PA. This church closed on 9/11/2017. One of his son’s was John Justice (Jost) Henkel (branch 5 in The Henckel Genealogy book) who is buried Pentelton County, WV, West of Harrisonburg, VA.

      • Stephen Hinkle said:

        I left out Johann Gerhardt Anthony Hinkle 1698 – 1736, that is one of Rev. A.J. Henckel’s son’s if I read it correctly.

      • Hi again, Stephen, Gerhardt Anthony Henckel is branch 2 in The Henckel Genealogy also lovingly known The Big Red Book by our family.

  3. Ann Hinkle Layne said:

    I’m hoping someone can help me. I believe I am an 8th great grandaughter of Anthony Jacob Henckel. I’m wondering if you have any information that might help me verify that? I have a copy of a family tree but I’m not finding a lot of information on a couple of names to verify their validity. I’ve verified William Hinkle (1792-1867) as my 4th great grandfather through the family tree and ancestry.com. I cannot find a source to confirm with certainty that Jesse Hinkle born in 1763 (according to the information on my family tree)was his father. If you have anything that would help, I would appreciate it.

    • Best way to find people on your Henckel Family Tree is through the use of The Henckel Genealogy by Junkins and Junkins. We are the only legitimate source for the book. Please check on our website under the Tab Publications if you do not already have a copy.

  4. Deborah Shumaker said:

    I have been searching for an unknown Grandfather and through DNA testing. it appears that we are descendants of Lucinda Hinkle, daughter of Charles Hinkle, son of Casper Hinkle, son of Charles Hinkle, son of Jacob Henckel, son of Anthonius Jacobus Henckel. While I am basing this all on trees from Ancestry, I’m fairly confident that some of the information is correct due to the research of others.

    • The best way to find your lineage is to go to TAB – marked “How to find your Family” and write down the people you have known or no for a fact. Start with your parent, then grandparent and great grandparent (if you know them). You need to get back to the ones born in the 1920 to 1930 with dates of birth and deaths to be able to find them in the Henckel Genealogy. If you have that then there is a strong chance you will find your ancestors all the way back to Anthony Jacob Henckel. You are a Branch V if Jacob he grandson of Anthony Jacob is indeed correct.
      That is the best way to verify your lineage. You can buy the Henckel Genealogy on our website and it is the only place that they can be bought except buying a used one on Amazon for $150+ which is a rip off.

  5. Joan Wade said:

    I am a descendent of the Rev. If the tree is accurate through the Owens family in GA.
    but I grew up within walking distance of the church. Will visit soon. I also found a Teeter cousin from the dna test so I think it’s likely. The web site is great.

  6. I am the 6th Ggson of Henry (Samuel) Teter (Dieter)1756Germany-1823Ohio. Recently had my y-DNA established as G2a3b1a2_L497+ (old desig.). My lineage compilation is on my domain at http://Starmon.com/gene.html (no ads or cookies). I am wondering if the Henckel’s have any older info on my line?
    Just cuz, TomT

    • Your name is prominent in Henckel history. Rev. Paul Henkel’s mother was Barbara Teter (Dieter), she was married to Jacob Henkel. The families migrated from Germany to Pennslyvania together, then Jacob moved his family to NC, then to the Germany Valley, WVA.

      I would suggest that you buy the Henckel Genealogy(on our website), to find how more about these two families long standing relationship.

  7. Margaret Witmer said:

    This is a very nice website–very informative and good pictures. Many thanks to the ones who spent much time creating this and doing the updates. Margaret Renalds Witmer

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