Mission Statement

The mission of our “Association” is to compile and preserve the history and memory of Reverend Anthony Jacob Henckel and his wife Maria Elizabeth Dentzer Henckel, their ancestors, and their descendants.

The Association will promote and sponsor an annual reunion. It will promote and preserve the genealogical research of the family. It will publish or help publish Henckel Family history and genealogy no matter what the spelling (Henckel, Henkel, Hinkle,  Henkle, etc).

The Henckel Genealogy by Junkin and Junkin is the best source to find if your family has ties to the Henckel Family. If you are a Henckel, with any of the above spellings, and live in America you more than likely will be a descendant of our family. If you know or have heard from a relative that one of your great grandmothers, your grandmother, or even your mother was a Henckel, with any of the spellings,  then you can check each of the 7 Branches of our family in The Henckel Genealogy index for your relatives maiden name to see if she is listed. If she is listed then you can track her lineage back to Anthony Jacob Henckel in the book.

As an example, Anthony Jacob Henckel’s daughters Frederica, Maria Elizabeth, and Maria Catherine were all married. Frederica to Valentine Geiger, Maria Elizabeth was married to Elias Kuhn (Koon, Kunz, Koonce, Kuntz), and Maria Catherine was married twice and had children with both her first husband John George Geiger and her second husband Peter Apple (Apfel). So if you are a Geiger, Kuhn, or an Apple you may be related to our family. Each generation adds to this list and there are hundreds of surnames other than Henckel that are our descendants in The Henckel Genealogy.




6 thoughts on “Mission Statement”

  1. Carolyn Moore said:

    Anthony Jacob Hinkle (1733 – 1779)
    son of John Justus Henkel Sr

    Paul Biffle Henkel Rev (1754 – 1825)
    son of Anthony Jacob Hinkle

    David Hinkle Rev (1795 – 1831)
    son of Paul Biffle Henkel Rev

    Cicero Vance Henkel (1825 – 1879)
    son of David Hinkle Rev

    Laura Ellen Henkel (1870 – 1894)
    daughter of Cicero Vance Henkel

    Herbert Marvin Price AKA Marvin Hubbard (1890 – 1958)
    son of Laura Ellen Henkel

    Clyde Hubbard (1921 – 1990)
    son of Herbert Marvin Price AKA Marvin Hubbard

    Carolyn Lucille Hubbard
    You are the daughter of Clyde Hubbard

    I will be joining to learn more about Cicero Vance Henkel, my 4th GGfather. All my information is from Ancestry. Com.

  2. Katy Thomas said:

    Maria Catherine Henckel and John George Geiger had a daughter, Catherine Geiger born 1735. I know she married Bernhard Renn. Does anybody know if Catherine and Bernhard had a son named John George Renn who was born at about 1770? Because my grandmother was a Renn and she is a descendent of John Hanson Renn 1811 – 1884. It says his father was John George Renn born at about 1770 but I CANNOT find any concrete information confirming that his parents were Bernhard Renn and Catherine Geiger! Several different sources told me different things! If anybody has any information, please share it with me! It’d be greatly appreciated!

  3. Richard Hulcher said:

    My 4 g grandmother was Susannah Hinkle, her father was George, his father Johan, his father Anthony. I found some old family letters of my grandmother’s which mentioned “Grandfather Hinkle” wearing the “cap and gown” of the Lutheran Ministry. Susannah married John Norton in Lancaster and they had 17 children and 100 grandchildren who started prominent Norton lines in many states.Hinkle descendants are everywhere!

  4. Adrianna Langnecker said:

    I am a descendant way down Anthony Jacob Henckel’s family tree, stemming from his son John Justus Henckel. I happened came across this source by chance. Being not even 18 yet, it’s incredible to know that an ancestor of mine was so influential. Thank you all for creating the association and this website.

    • We are happy that you found a part of your heritage on our website. You are a Branch V Henckel, because your lineage is through John Justus Henckel(Hinkle). John Justus built a fort in Riverton, WVA that was used during the Revolutionary War. We are holding our Reunion at the site this coming weekend. You may want to revisit the site in a couple of weeks to see pictures from the area. He and his wife and other family members are buried just below where the Hinkle Fort stood during the Revolutionary War. We would like to have you and your family join our Association, it will give you and them an opportunity to learn more about their lineage. Thanks for checking us out and writing to us. Richard Henkel, als a Branch V descendant of John Justus Hinkle.

  5. Janice Hinkle Muniz said:

    What a wonderful website. I am new to genealogy, but I always was told that the Hinkle family was very small. It is so wonderful to learn such great information. I will be joining your association right away and hope to meet many relatives at the next family reunion. My father was Maurice Hinkle of Bartelsville, Oaklahoma, son of Ambrose Hinkle. I will purchase the books that you have referenced for more information. If anyone has information for me, feel free to email me at jmuniz007@charter.net. Thanks again! Janice Hinkle Muniz

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