In lightof the coronavirus concerns we have rescheduled the June 2020 reunion.  Note that we are not cancelling it but simply rescheduling it to Father’s Day weekend 2021 which is 18-19-20 June 2021.  (Same places and schedules).  As you are aware the issues with travel, lodging and food are not favorable to conduct a gathering at this time.

Thanks to the ones of you who have sent your annual dues for 2020 to our treasurer, Kimberly Hinkle Linger.  We will of course continue to mow and maintain the cemetery in Germany Valley as well as our right-of-way road.  You may still order The Henckel Genealogy and the Rev. Paul Henkel book by mailing your order to Kimberly as described in our March newsletter.

I hope that all of you and your families are safe and well.  Stay in touch with your association and may the good Lord guide you and care for you.

Eddie Hinkle



The Rev. Anthony Jacob Henckel Family National Association, Inc.

Newsletter – November 2019

2020 Henckel Reunion and Annual Meeting to be the weekend of June 19 – 21.

The 2020 Reunion will be in beautiful Germany Valley, West Virginia.  This area is rich in Henckel History including the site of Hinkle Fort and the cemetery where John Justus Henckel and family members are buried.  Germany Valley and nearby Riverton have long been favorite locations for Hinkle gatherings.

The headquarters for the reunion will be the South Branch Inn at Moorefield, WV.  The Moorefield area and the river valleys nearby are full of Hinkle history including The Brake Church and Cemetery.  Jacob Hinkle, grandson of Rev. Anthony Jacob and eldest son of John Justus is buried here with his wife.  We will visit there on our Saturday morning trip to Riverton and Germany Valley.  This will give everyone an opportunity to see the impressive memorial monument which our family association had set and dedicated in 2017.  Details for reservations at the South Branch Inn and reservation forms will be included in our spring newsletter.  Check your schedules and mark your calendars now to celebrate Father’s Day on June 19 – 21 in West Virginia.

The biannual election of association officers was held June 15, 2019 at the reunion in Frederick, MD.  Eddie J. Hinkle was elected President for the next two years. As many of you will remember Eddie served as Association President from 2005 – 2015.  Kimberly Hinkle Linger was elected treasurer replacing Bob Moore who retired after 40+ years as an Association Officer.  All book orders, dues or donations should be mailed to Kimberly at 1468 Shawnee Drive, Buckhannon, WV  26201.  Rev. Gary Boston was elected as Vice-President, Greg Adamson as Historian and Cynthia M. Hinkle as Secretary.  Addresses and emails for officers are attached.

2019 Reunion held in Frederick, MD

The reunion began with a reception in the banquet room of the Hilton Garden Inn in Frederick, MD on Friday night.  Registration was available and publications by the Association were for sale.  President, Gary Boston led everyone in a blessing before the buffet was open.  Gary gave an overview of the Henckel family history in the area to help prepare reunion members for the events planned for Saturday.

Saturday morning the reunion members headed to Evangelical Lutheran Church that was founded in 1738.  We learned the history of the church and how it has expanded over the years, encompassing two city blocks now.  We also learned that George Rudulphus Henckel had a house near the Evangelical Lutheran Church and worshiped here.  The church welcomed President John Adams to worship there and it had a fascinating history as a hospital during the Civil War.  Our next stop of the morning was at Apples United Church of Christ.  The church allowed us to use their picnic pavilion for our catered lunch and it gave the members time to meet other relatives.  After lunch we headed into the Apples United Church of Christ cemetery where Susanna Hinkle is buried.  We learned from Apple Church historian, Roger Trexel, that she was part of the Apple family and married John Henkel.

Saturday evening, a banquet was held at the Hilton Garden Inn at 6:30 pm.  The banquet was followed by a presentation given by Historian, Greg Adamson, about the Hinkle’s of Frederick County, MD.  He began by discussing how the area was first populated by native Indian tribes until the Europeans started to show up around 1725.  Greg also shared some fascinating historical maps.  The meeting was then called to order at 9:10 PM and began with opening remarks by President, Gary Boston.  He thanked everyone for their help in making the reunion such a success and for all the work all of our past officers have given to the Association.  He presented Bob Moore with a wall placard for his years of service to the association.  Gary also gave a special welcome to our West Coast cousins, who made the longest journey out of all of our attendees.  Gary reviewed the restoration painting that was done in New Market to the Hinkle Press Sign.  It was brought up that the grave marker for Jacob Anthony was lost and we would like to get a new one.  It was inquired whether we could get a marker that would match the one that is missing.  A motion was made by Stephen Renalds and seconded by Bob Moore to create a research committee and get estimates about the cost of getting a new marker.  The committee will report back next year and the motion passed unanimously.  Bob Moore encouraged members to continue to donate to the cemetery fund.

The next order of business was the board elections.  All had a first and second for the motion and were elected unanimously.  Newly elected President, Eddie Hinkle thanked Gary Boston for his service to the Association and his excellent job organizing the reunion.

It was then reported by Secretary Cynthia Hinkle that 61 members, 6 being first timers, were in attendance from 13 states – Virginia (17), Maryland (11), West Virginia (7), California (6), Pennsylvania (5), North Carolina (3), Delaware (2), Illinois (2), Michigan (2), Ohio (2), Nevada (2), Arizona (1) and Washington (1).  We then sang Amazing Grace.  Gary let us know that Evangelical Lutheran Church invited us to one of the morning services and the Apples United Church of Christ invited Henckel Family Association members to join them for church Sunday followed by a luncheon.




Eddie J. Hinkle

3064 Tallmansville Rd, Buckhannon, WV  26201



Vice President:

Reverend Gary Boston

501 Steven Drive, Lenhartsville, PA  19534




Kimberly Hinkle Linger

1468 Shawnee Drive, Buckhannon, WV  26201




Greg Adamson

829 Mason Street, Dayton, VA 22821




Cynthia M. Hinkle

1379 Summit Drive, Mayfield Heights, OH  44124



Henckel Historical Reference Books are available for mailing

  •  The Henckel Genealogy ……………….. $85.00
  • The Autobiography and Chronological Life of Rev. Paul Henkel ……………$30.00

Orders for the above books should be sent with checks to: Kimberly Hinkle Linger, 1468 Shawnee Drive, Buckhannon, WV  26201.